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Hi,Can anyone call me how to store my friendship bracelets from spinning/curving? they won't continue to be flat and also it's for this reason irritating!Thanks for this reason much!

post at 8:41pm might 2, 2010 EDT


What room they do from? If yarn, shot wetting them, laying them level to dry with a towel over them sweet down v a heavy book.

post at 9:46pm may 2, 2010 EDT


I'm using fly line. Ns can't figure out why sometimes it curves and also sometimes it doesn't.

post at 10:04pm may 2, 2010 EDT


space you knotting it? In macrame knots half hitches will form a spiral wherein a collection of square knots will certainly lay flat.

post at 11:32pm might 2, 2010 EDT


ns agree with mulchandmore You need to have the same variety of left leaning knots as appropriate leaning knots or the piece will twist naturally.If you have actually pictures, we have the right to offer more suggestions :)

post at 9:11am might 3, 2010 EDT

ns will shot and short article a photo tonight. I'm trying to achieve a bracelet choose the top and also bottom bracelets in this image, however it keeps twisting. Entirely