Daylight to save is coming! It might be difficult getting usage to the time change, however adjusting the time in her Honda has never been easier.

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2016-2021 Honda Models

Non-touch display models:Press and hold the “MENU/CLOCK” button.Rotate the selector knob to choose the hour. Push the knob in come toggle to the minutes setting.Select the minutes. Pick “Set” as soon as you’re done.Touch screen models

Note: some touch screen models set the clock automatically. Happy you!

From the “Home” screen, walk to “Settings” → “Clock” → “Clock Adjustment“.Adjust the hour and also minute values. Select “OK” once you’re done.

2012-2015 Honda Models

Turn the ignition come “ON“.Press the clock stem button, located on the instrument panel to the upper-left above the steering wheel.Turn the stem to toggle the hours. Push the stem come toggle to setup minutes.Turn the stem to set the minutes. Push the stem once you’re done, and the clock is set.

2006-2011 Honda Models

Turn the ignition come “ON“.Press and hold the “Clock” button until the moment starts to blink.Use the “Preset 1” switch to readjust the hour.Use the “Preset 2” switch to change the minutes.

1998-2005 Honda Models

Turn the ignition to “ON“.Press and hold ONE the following buttons till you hear a beep depending on your stereo:“ClockorSCAN/RPT” and “AUX” together orSound“The clock must be flashing. Change the hours by pressing “Preset 4“.Change the minutes by pressing “Preset 5“.On part models, friend may have to use “Preset 5” and “Preset 6” come make the moment go increase or down.

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Press and hold the same button you supplied to start the time change (“Clock“, “SCAN/RPT and “AUX“, or “Sound”) to collection the set time.

As always, make sure you room parked prior to you change any settings in your Honda. Safety and security first!

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