Google translate comes up v the phrase, Es ist dein Umzug, yet I have a feeling that "Umzug" is the wrong word here. Ns think the "Zug" would certainly be much more appropriate.

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The factor for this intuition is merely that "zug" is currently found in a variety of chess terms, e.g. "zwischenzug" for "in-between move" and "Zugzwang" because that "compulsion to move".

Thus, I would be tempted come say Es ist dein Zug or dein Zug because that short. Is my intuition correct?


Yes, "Zug" is correct in this context. If "es ist dein Zug" would certainly be understood, "du bist to be Zug" is more natural. Likewise natural is "du bist dran" (it"s your turn).

Note that "Zug" only applies to board games, and also not for example to map games.


"Dein Zug!" top top its very own is an ext natural than "es ist dein Zug", but the register is still "educated and also old fashioned". Miscellaneous you"d read in a book, not something you"d say today.

Trying to analyze English precise ("It is her turn/move!", "Your turn/move!") usually simply doesn"t work.

You can use "du bist dran" because that all games where the players take turns, and also even in a metaphorical sense. For this reason it"s perfectly ideal for chess or various other board games.

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As a aboriginal speaker I would certainly recommend

Du bist dran!

As the most herbal idiom.

Why? since "Du bist to be Zug" is much more formally, suggesting a tiny bit the the other human should really relocate now, if "Du bist dran" rather suggests that the other human does something, while not being for this reason much forced to move timely as if you to speak "Du bist am Zug".

Depends ~ above how direct you want to say the its the various other persons turn.

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