Is this correct? ns doubt so. When I look increase wenig I find that it"s an adjective, not an adverb, and obviously the sentence needs an adverb.

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What"s the best means to say, "I speak a tiny"?



There exist three means of exactly how to usage the adjective wenig in

As an attribute of a noun: A tiny amount of something

In diesem Glas ist wenig Wasser. In this glass is little water.

Ich sehe wenige Autos. I see few cars.

As an adverbial (which is no an adverb!): To an insignificant extent

Das kümmert mich wenig. I treatment little (about that).

Deine Äußerung battle wenig hilfreich. Her statement to be not very helpful.

In combination with »ein« (»ein wenig«): Synonym the »etwas«

Ich habe noch ein wenig Milch. Möchtest du sie? Ich habe noch etwas Milch. Möchtest du sie? i still have some milk. Carry out you want it?

Ich fühle mich ein wenig unwohl hier. Ich fühle mich etwas unwohl hier. Ns feel somewhat uncomfortable here.

But etwas is not an adjective, and also it also isn"t one adverb. It is a pronoun, come be much more precise: it is an unknown pronoun (»Indefinitpronomen« in However when supplied in the definition where you can replace it with ein wenig, you likewise can say that it is a Gradpartikel or a Steigerungspartikel (which are synonyms). I don"t recognize the official English terms, but i would interpret this as grade particles or enhancing particles.

Examples the words, the belong to this component of speech are:

Ich habe etwas Geld. Dein neues Auto ist recht groß. Ich habe dich sehr gern. Du machst mich überaus glücklich. Dr. Steiner war ungemein freundlich. Das ist weitaus mehr als ich erwartet habe. Aside from that du dich schon einigermaßen erholt?

I have some money. Your brand-new car is quite big. I favor you very much. You make me very happy. Dr. Steiner was extremely friendly. The is far much more than i expected. Have actually you currently recovered to part degree?

Technically "ein wenig" does not belong come this group. Technically it consists of two words, the very first is an indefinite article, and the 2nd is an adjective, however together both words duty like one grade particle, and also therefore you have the right to use castle in this manner.

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Also words bisschen, when combined with ein behaves this way.

In the following sentences the bold significant parts that speech room synonyms:

Ich spreche ein wenig Deutsch. Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch. Ich spreche etwas Deutsch.