In this post, you will certainly learn exactly how to say ‘how space you?’ in Cherokee. You’ll additionally learn usual responses so you have the right to respond if you’re inquiry this question. This deserve to be really helpful if she speaking with someone that speaks Cherokee.

Cherokee is an threatened language that is the indigenous language the the Cherokee people. Cherokee people are indigenous people of the Southeastern Woodlands of the USA. This particular day these areas are parts of north Carolina, Tennessee, southern Carolina, Georgia and Alabama. There are in between 1,520 – 2,100 speakers staying out of 376,000 Cherokee people. The number of speakers is declining.

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How come Say ‘How room You?’ In CherokeeHow to Respond to ‘How room You?’ In CherokeeExample Conversation:

How come Say ‘How space You?’ In Cherokee

There are a few different methods to asking ‘how room you?’. Here are the many common:EnglishCherokeePronunciationHow room you?Dohitsu?Doh-hee-juHow’s that going?Gado galistanusgi?Gah-do ga-leest-an-aski
Check the end the below video to hear the together of the first phrase “Dohitsu?”:

How come Respond come ‘How room You?’ In Cherokee

There are many different methods that you deserve to reply to this question. Listed below are the most usual responses to this question. I’ve also included how to speak ‘thank you’ together it’s polite to give thanks to someone if lock ask exactly how you are.EnglishCherokeePronunciationThank youWadoWah-doI’m fineDohiquuDoh-hee-gwooGoodOsdaOh-sta
Check the end the below video clip to hear the together ‘I’m fine’:
It’s also useful to know just how to speak ‘and you?’ or ‘what about you?’ to find out exactly how someone rather is if castle ask you.EnglishCherokeePronunciationAnd you?Nihinahu?Nee-hee-nah-huh

Example Conversation:

Person 1: Dohitsu? (How room you?)

Person 2: Dohiquu, wado. Nihinahu? (I’m fine, give thanks to you. And also you?)Person 1: Dohiquu (I’m fine)Thanks for reading this post. You have to now know exactly how to say ‘how are you?’ in Cherokee and also you should additionally be able come respond if she asked! 

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