A repertoire of valuable phrases in Lao, a Tai-Kaidai language talked mainly in Laos.

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Englishພາສາລາວ (Lao)
Welcome ຍິນດີຕ້ອນຮັບ (nyín dee)
Hello (General greeting) ສະບາຍດີ (sába̖ai-di̖i)
How are you? ສະບາຍດີບ (sába̖ai-di̖i baw?)
Reply come 'How are you?' ສະບາຍດີ (sábaai-di̖i)
Long time no see ບໍ່ເຫັນໜ້າກັນດົນລະນໍ (bor hen naa gun don la nor)
What's your name? ເຈົ້າຊື່ຫຍັງ? (jâo seu nyãng?)
My name is ... ຂ້ອຍຊື່ ... (kháwy seu ...)
Where are you from? ເຈົ້າມາແຕ່ໃສ? (jâo máa tae sai?)
I'm indigenous ... ຂ້ອຍມາແຕ່ ... (kháwy m a tae ...)
Pleased to satisfy you ດີໃຈທີ່ຮູ້ກັບເຈົ້າ (di̖i ja̖i thii hûu káp jâo)
Good morning (Morning greeting) ສະບາຍດີ ton sao (sába̖ai-di̖i ton sao)
Good afternoon (Afternoon greeting) ສະບາຍດີຍາມແລງ (sabaidee yarm laeng) ສະບາຍດີ (sabaidee)
Good night (Evening greeting) ສະບາຍດີຍາມແລງ (sabaidee yarm laeng) ສະບາຍດີ (sabaidee)
Good night ຝັນດີ (fun dee) ນອນຫຼັບຝັນດີ (non lub fun dee)
Goodbye (Parting phrases) ໂຊກດີເດີ້ (sôhk dii der) ລາກ່ອນ (la kon) - stay well ໄປດີ (pai di) - go well
Good luck! ໂຊກດີ (sok dee)
Cheers! great Health! (Toasts offered when drinking) ຕຳແກ້ວ! (thum keo!) - hit glass ສຸຂະພາບແຂງແຮງ (sukhaphab khaeng haeng) ຂໍໃຫ້ສຸຂະພາບແຂງແຮງ (khor hai sukhaphab khaeng haeng) - wish (you) solid health
Have a quite day ມີ​ວັນ​ທີ່​ດີ! (mi van thidi)
Bon appetit / have actually a pretty meal ເຊີນແຊບ (soen saeb)
Bon trip / have actually a an excellent journey ເດິນທາງໂຊກດີ (doen thang sok dee) ເດິນທາງປອດໄພ (doen thang pord phai)
I don't know ຂ້ອຍບໍ່ຮູ້ (khoi bor hu)
I understand ເຂົ້າໃຈ (khao jai)
I don't understand ບໍ່ເຂົ້າໃຈ (baw khào ja̖i)
Please speak much more slowly ກະລຸນາເວົ້າຊ້າໆ (kálunaa wâo sâa sâa)
Please say the again ກະລຸນາເວົ້າໃໝ່ເບິ່ງດູ (kállunaa wâo roof boeng duu)
Please write it down ກະລຸນາ ຈົດລົງໄປ (kaluna chod long pai)
Do friend speak Lao? ເຈົ້າປາກພາສາລາວໄດ້ບໍ່ (jâo páak pháasaa láo dâi baw?) ເຈົ້າເວົ້າພາສາລາວໄດ້ບໍ່ (jâo vâo pháasaa láo dâi baw?)
Yes, a little(reply to 'Do girlfriend speak ...?') dai, noi nung
Do girlfriend speak English? ເຈົ້າປາກພາສາອັງກິດໄດ້ບໍ່ (jâo páak pháasaa a̖ngkít dâi baw?)
How perform you speak ... In Lao? ພາສາລາວ ... Pe wa nyang (phasaa lao ... Pe wa nyang?)
Speak come me in Lao ກະລຸນາ ເວົ້າພາສາລາວກັບຂ້ອຍ (kaluna vao phasaa lao gub khoi)
Excuse me ຂໍໂທດ (khãw thôht)
How lot is this? ເທົ່າໃດ? (thao da̖i?)
Sorry ຂໍໂທດ (khãw thôht)
Please ກະລຸນາ (kaluna)
Thank you ຂອບໃຈ (khàwp ja̖i) ຂອບໃຈຫລາຍໆ (khàwp ja̖i lãi lãi)
Reply to thank you ບໍ່ເປັນຫຍັງ (baw pe̖n nyãng)
Where's the toilet / bathroom? ຫ້ອງ້ຳຢູ່ໃສ (hàwng nâm yuu sǎi?)
This gentleman will pay because that everything  
This lady will pay for everything  
Would you prefer to dance with me? ເພິ່ນຢາກໄປເຕັ້ນລຳນຳເຮົາບໍ່? (phoen yark pai ten lum num hao bor?) - frm ໄປເຕັ້ນນຳກັນບໍ່? (paii ten num total bor) - inf ຂໍເຊີນເຕັ້ນລຳນຳກັນ (khor soen ten lum num gun) - traditional, supplied at weddings
I miss you  
I love you ຂ້ອຍ​ຮັກ​ເຈົ້າ (kho huk jâo/chau)
Get fine soon ເຊົາໄວໆເດີ (sao vai vai de)
Leave me alone! Boh tong koun khoy!
Help! ຊ່ອຍແດ່! (suay dae!)
Fire! ໄຟໄໝ້! (fái mài!)
Stop! ຢຸດ! (yút!)
Call the police! ຊ່ອຍເອີ້ນຕໍາຫລວດແດ່! (suay ôen tem-lùat dae!)
Christmas greetings ສຸກ​ສັນ​ວັນ​ຄິ​ສ​ມາດ (suksan van khismad)
New Year greetings ສະ​ບາຍ​ດີ​ປີ​ໃຫມ່ (sabai di pi mai)
Easter greetings  
Birthday greetings ສຸກ​ສັນ​ວັນ​ເກີດ (suksan van koed)
Congratulations! ຊົມເຊີຍ! (somsoeny)
One language is never ever enough ພາສາດຽວບໍ່ພໍ (pasa diao bor phor)
My hovercraft is complete of eels ມີປາໄຫຼເຕັມຢູ່ໃນເຮືອພັດລົມຂອງຂ້ອຍ (mi pa lai tem yunai heu phad lom khong khoi)

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