A collection of advantageous phrases in Somali, an east Cushtic language talked mainly in Somali, and also in Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya.

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English af Soomaali (Somali)
Welcome Soo dhowow
Hello (General greeting) Salaam alaykum Wa alaykum salaam (reply) Iska warran Alhamdulillah, waan iska fiicanahay (reply) Waan fiicanahay (reply)
How are you? Ii warran (Tell me news) Iska warran? (Talk around yourself) Bal ka waran? Sideed tahay? Setahay? Sideed tahay? Nabad miyaa? Ma nabad baa? Maxaad sheegtay? (What did you tell?)
Reply to 'How room you?' Waan fiicanahay Waa nabad Nabad waaye/weeye (It is peace)
Long time no see Wakhti dheer kuma arag
What's her name? Magacaa? Magacaagu muxuu yahay?
My surname is ... Magacaygu waa ..
Where room you from? Xagee ayaad ka timid?
I'm from ... ... Waxaan ka imid
Pleased to meet you Barasho wanaagsanWaan ku farax sanahay la kulan kaaga
Good morning (Morning greeting) Subax wanaagsan
Good afternoon (Afternoon greeting) Galab wanaagsan
Good evening (Evening greeting) Fiid wanaagsan
Good night Habeen wanaagsan
Goodbye (Parting phrases) Nabadeey Nabadgelyo
Good luck! Guul ayaan kuu rajaynayaa!
Cheers! great Health! (Toasts supplied when drinking) Guul wanaagsan! Guul caafimaad!
Have a nice day Maalin wanaagsan!
Bon appetit / have a quite meal Ha kuu macaanaato
Bon voyage / have actually a great journey Safar wanaagsan
Do friend understand? Miyaad fahantay?
I understand Waan fahmay
I don't understand Maan fahmin
I don't know Ma aqaan
Please speak much more slowly Tartiib u hadal
Please say the again Fadlan ku celi
Please create it down Fadlan qor
Do you speak English? Ingriis miyaad ku hadashaa?
Do you speak Somali? Af Soomaaliga maad ku hadashaa?
Yes, a little(reply come 'Do you speak ...?') Haah. Wax yar
How do you speak ... In Somali? Maxaa af soomali lagu yiraahdaa ... ?
Excuse me Iga raali ahow
How much is this? Meeqo waaye?
Sorry Waan ka xumahay
Please Fadlan
Thank you Mahadsanid Wad mahadsantahay
Reply to say thanks to you Adigaa mudan Adaa mudan
Where's the restroom / bathroom? Musqusha aawey?
This gentleman/lady will certainly pay because that everything Kani waa ikhyaar/marwada ayaa waxwalba bixinaysa
Would you favor to dance with me? Ma ciyaaraysaa?
I miss you Waayadan kuma arag
I love you Waan ku jecelahay
Get fine soon Aafiimad baan kuu rajeynayaa (I wish you health)
Go away! Bax!
Leave me alone! Idaa!
Help! I caawi!
Fire! Dab!
Stop! Joogso!
Call the police! Booliiska soo wac!
Christmas greetings Kirismas wacan Ciid Wanaagsan
New Year greetings Iyo sanad cusub oo fiican
Easter greetings Easter wanaagsan
Birthday greetings Dhalasho wanaagsan
Congratulations! Hambalyo!
One language is never enough Hal luuqad marna kuma filna
My hovercraft is full of eels Huufarkarafkayga waxaa ka buuxa eels

Translations and also corrections listed by Christian Lerrahn, Abdisalam Farah and also Lule Bille. Recordings by Adam Shaikh.


The vast bulk of Somalis are Muslims and also do no celebrate Christmas or Easter, however there space a small variety of Christian Somalis that do, so that is appropriate to incorporate translations of funny Christmas and also Happy Easter here.

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