If you space talking about ASL (American sign Language), climate the whole sentence because that "I have to go to the bathroom" in ASL have the right to be used by just using the one word authorize for "bathroom".

1. This sign is make by using a "T" handshape v your leading hand. Using the "T" handshape, you host it in the air, about as high together your chest area.

1a. Host your hand / the sign around 4 - 6 inches away from your chest/body area and also from her wrist, simply shake the "T" handshape.

In essence, you space "just" signing the sign "Bathroom" (or "toilet"), however the rest of the sentence "I have to go to the _____" space all currently understood v the context of your facial expression(s) and feasible dance motions.

See "Sources and related links" below for intuitive representations.

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