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I have actually a rental 2014 GC restricted with the 8.4 system. I have been through the owners hand-operated in the glove box and just sat for 15 minute in the car trying to figure out how to reset the pilgrimage odometer. A basic function like this shouldn"t it is in so difficult, uneven I"m absent something obvious. How do ns reset it? I"ve searched this forum and also came up with nothing.
If friend look in ~ the EVIC, it says press and also hold OK to reset expedition odo. So, you deserve to switch come the trip you desire to reset (trip A or B), then hold OK until it resets.
Thanks, it was oh so apparent that i didn"t watch it.Wondering, how do I rotate off the horn when setup the alarm. I have actually that feature disabled on mine "05 Ram and "08 Charger. The restricted print hand-operated I have actually doesn"t attend to the issue.
Thanks, it was five so evident that ns didn"t view it.Wondering, how do I revolve off the horn when setup the alarm. I have actually that attribute disabled on my "05 Ram and "08 Charger. The limited print hands-on I have doesn"t address the issue.
Don"t know. Because most 2014 JGCs have actually the "double-press" (requires two button-pressing) or "triple-press" issue, i think it"s much better to leave the horn on. Otherwise you might think the alarm is collection but in reality it was not.

Thanks, that was oh so evident that ns didn"t check out it.Wondering, just how do I turn off the horn when setup the alarm. I have actually that function disabled on mine "05 Ram and "08 Charger. The minimal print hand-operated I have doesn"t address the issue.
Mine: 2014 Overland 4x4 V6, ORA II, billet silver/black, Michelin Defender LTX M/S, MaxCare Lifetime, ceded 4-13-"13Wife"s Jeep: 2017 Compass Latitude 4x4, redline pearl coat/black, delivered 4-25-"17
Found it and also turned it off for both the vital fob and using the door button. Unnecessary noise come me.My rental have to be very early "14 as it has actually 15k mile on it. In eco mode i discover the infection off the heat is sluggish yet in sport mode it doesn"t feel a whole lot different. It"s choose something is holding the car earlier in sports mode. The tranny need to need some software updates.

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