If you’ve just mounted a new Brinks Digital Deadbolt, you’ll uncover that the won’t job-related electronically till you perform the Door Handing Detection.

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Not certain what that means? I gain that! The next couple of paragraphs contain an ext information as to why your Brinks lock may not work-related electronically and also how to fix the problem. Stop begin!


Your Brinks lock may not work electronically if:

You’re however to do the Door Handing Detection ~ installation.You restored default manufacturing facility settings and also didn’t execute the Door Handing Detection.The batteries space low or not appropriately installed.

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How to settle a Brinks Digital Deadbolt the Won’t occupational Electronically

How to solve a Brinks Digital Deadbolt the Won’t occupational Electronically

So right here are part troubleshooting steps that may aid you resolve a Brinks Digital Lock the isn’t working electronically.

1. Do the Door Handing Detection

For a brand-new Brinks electronic lock, you have to perform the Door Handing Detection after installation to unlock electronic functions. If you’re yet to carry out this ~ above your brand-new Brinks lock, then it won’t occupational electronically.

More so, if did you do it just factory reset her lock, the system immediately returns every programming to default and also you’ll need to perform the door handing detection again come unlock electronic functions.

Here’s how to execute the Door Handing Detection top top a Brinks electronic Deadbolt:

Step 1: top top the keypad, go into the default Programming password (0000) and also Press the BRINKS button.Step 2: press 0 and then push the BRINKS button.

The lock will beep and also flash environment-friendly twice, describe the door handing detection has been efficiently completed.

So it is all around enabling digital functions top top a new Brinks lock.

However, if you no install the lock freshly nor restored factory settings, but the lock stops working, skip this step to the following one.

2. Check that the batteries Are energetic and properly Placed

Your lock might stop functioning if the batteries are low/inactive. So examine that the batteries are still active, otherwise, change them through 4 AA alkaline batteries (non-rechargeable). And ensure you don’t mix old battery with new ones together that may reason battery leakage and hence undesirable operation.

If you’ve simply replaced the batteries but the lock i will not ~ work, check if you’re making use of the ideal batteries. Together mentioned, Brinks Digital Deadbolt provides 4 AA alkaline battery (non-rechargeable). Lithium or rechargeable batteries are not recommended.

More so, check if the batteries are effectively positioned—the optimistic ends (+) pointing up. Wrong battery environment may also cause your lock to stop working.

If your lock is quiet not working after the above, try the next step.

3. Factory Reset the Lock

So assuming girlfriend ticked all the box in steps 1 and also 2 above, however the lock isn’t working yet, then manufacturing facility resetting is your ideal bet.

Restoring manufacturing facility settings will erase all previous programming and also as well (possibly) fix any glitch in her lock.

But keep in mind that all User Codes and also other programming alters made to the lock will be erased. For this reason you’ll have to reprogram the lock making use of the default Programming Code.

Not sure how to factory reset a Brinks Digital Lock? here’s how:

Step 1: eliminate the battery covering to discover the R button (located a tiny above the thumb turn on the internal assembly).Step 2: with a pen or unfolded document clip, press the R switch for around 5 seconds or so—until girlfriend hear three long beeps.

Now your lock is reset to its manufacturing facility default settings. For sure you execute the Door Handing Detection to permit electronic functions. See just how to execute this above.

And if you’re no sure just how to change the Programming Code and also add new User Codes—after resetting the lock, see how to carry out that below:

How to readjust the Default Programming code on a Brinks digital Deadbolt

Step 1: enter the default Programming password (0000) and then push the BRINKS button.Step 2: press 4 and also then press the BRINKS button.Step 3: enter the new Programming Code and also press the BRINKS button.

That’s all about changing the default Programming Code.

Note: Programming Code need to be 4 come 8 digits.

How come Add new User Codes

Step 1: get in your Programming Code and also then push the BRINKS button.Step 2: push 1 and also then push the BRINKS button.Step 3: enter a brand-new User password (4-8 digits) and also then press the BRINKS button to finish the process.

Repeat the same steps to add more User Codes.

You may additionally read around programing and troubleshooting usual problems in Trilogy DL2800 and a Defiant electronic lock.

Final Thoughts

So that’s part troubleshooting procedures to shot if your Brinks Digital Deadbolt ultimately stops working.

Hope this post was helpful and you can fix the trouble with her lock.

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However, if the lock still doesn’t work-related after trying all the troubleshooting tips, speak to Brinks Digital Deadbolt Customer organization at this number 1-800-562-5625 because that help.