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Just had a fast question.. Exactly how do u eliminate the throwout bearing indigenous the clutch wen mine clutch was removed the throwout bearing came with it. And also i just need to know just how to acquire that point off. Thanks!


Always replace the throwout bearing v a new OEM throwout bearing once replacing the clutch and also pressure plate.

There is a ring roughly the bottom where it connects to the pressure plate. Push the prongs away from eachother climate pull at the same time it will pop out. Not straightforward unless you"ve done it took me 20 min fiddling v it. An excellent luck. Like over you should always replace TOB and also pressure key with brand-new clutch.
If you have actually a pair of snap ring pliers that spread once you squeeze out the handles, use them to spread the ring if pulling the tob out. It assisted me come bolt the clutch parcel together, (pressure plate, disc, flywheel, three bolts), "lifts" the tob higher, you obtain a better "shot" in ~ the ring, an ext room. Don"t drink a lot of espresso right prior to doing this, Valium may help!
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mine took me number of days of trying and also lots that frustration simply so girlfriend know, certainly not fast release loljust keep trying and it will certainly come out
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If you have actually a pair that snap ring pliers that spread once you to express the handles, use them to spread out the ring when pulling the tob out. It aided me come bolt the clutch package together, (pressure plate, disc, flywheel, 3 bolts), "lifts" the tob higher, you acquire a far better "shot" in ~ the ring, more room. Don"t drink a most espresso right prior to doing this, Valium may help!
Yep, this is how I perform it. I in reality modified a certain pair of snap ring pliers to do this quick and also easy, ns ground the ends under a little to fit better between the press plate and also the bearing.
I posted a thread around this, one sec.EDIT:
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