For part pool owners, a stained pool is beyond embarrassing, worse than tattered carpet and stained couch cushions. The can destroy your whole backyard experience. Hard-to-remove pool spots and stains can take a bit more than just brushing. You need some powerful methods to treat and prevent pool stains.

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The first step to acquiring rid of those eyesore point out is come diagnose the stain type. Swimming swimming pool stains can be resulted in by:

1. Metals or Minerals in the swimming pool water coming the end of solution2. Rust coming v the wall, floor, or approximately fittings3. Organic material like leaves, dirt, oils, worms or algae

A clue to identifying the form of pool stain may be uncovered in the color of the stain.


Pool Stain Identification: 

First that all, you should recognize if the stain is organic or Metallic.

Many civilization think that their swimming pool plaster is stained, once they yes, really just have actually an algae problem. If the stain pen off, also slightly, or responds at every to shocking or sprinkling granular chlorine end it, climate what you most likely have is an algae bloom. Visit our Pool details page for an ext information on exactly how to treat swimming pool algae.


If it’s not algae, the most most likely is a mineral stain. However further to know is indicated. Introducing the Jack’s Magic Stain identifier kit. The has 4 topical tests to recognize the type of swimming pool stain girlfriend have. Whichever of the four gets rid of your stain – this speak you what kind of stain it is, and also what product to remove it with. Works on all pool types. The pool has to be 70 degrees or warmer and also there room some other specific pool stain experimentation instructions.

Mottling: Sometimes, you will certainly not have a stain at all, yet just normal mottling that the plaster. Remember that plaster is a herbal product and is topic to variations in hue and also shading. Streaks or mottled results are considered natural, and also they can not be removed.

Metal Stains: Metals develop pool stains that appear reddish-brown, are really dark in color, or have a rust-like appearance to them. Copper stains in a pool will certainly normally form a teal or turquoise blue/green color, while stole stains create a rusty-red to brown, or green-brown splotches, and also manganese will usually cause brownish-black or purple stains. Metals in pool water have the right to be controlled with our Stain Away, Metal cost-free or steel Klear.

Rust Stains: If that looks choose rust, it more than likely is. Rust pool stains that appear in secluded spots room usually resulted in by steel objects that (mysteriously) discover their method into the pool. Either the – or the rust is comes from the inside-out! ~ above concrete pools, a rebar tie wire that is also close to the surface, or a cracked that allowed water to with the rebar steel. On vinyl pools, galvanized steel wall surfaces in wet soils deserve to eventually failure , which deserve to be slowed with repaint and wall foam.

Mineral Stains: A mineral stain is actually a scale film combined with dirt and oils deposited as a dull discoloration. A mineral stain is often uncovered as a waterline stain, in scaly white shop on the tile, however with particular water conditions, scale can deposit one all-over filmy, dirty stain onto various other pool surfaces. Mineral stains in swimming pool water can be controlled with our our Stain Away, Scale free or Jack’s Blue Stuff.

Waterline Stains: Oils and also dirt ~ above the surface can combine with various other particulate matter right into a waterline stain, or “scum line” in ~ the typical mid-tile water level. For pools that lower the water throughout winterization, girlfriend may an alert several concentric watermarks in the height area the the pool wall. Making use of enzymes such as swimming pool Perfect or pool Magic deserve to remove and prevent oily necessary organics from your pool water. For tile or vinyl in ~ the waterline, use our Super brick & Vinyl cleaner. Never use family members cleaners which can bring phosphates and other problem chemicals into your pool water.

Organic Stains: A greenish-brown colored swimming pool stain is usually something organic, such together tannins leaching from leaves, acorns or mud sitting in the bottom the the pool. Algae, worms or other pets can additionally leave an ugly stain top top your pool surface. Berries will develop a red or blue stain in pools. Organic swimming pool stains top top concrete pools deserve to be bleached out through chlorine granules sprinkled over the area. Vinyl pools should pre-dissolve first, and also pour straight over the stain.

All of these stains can be gotten rid of by lowering the water level and also applying a weak equipment of Acid Magic directly come the wall from a flower watering can. Add 2 cups of mountain Magic to one gallon of water. Pour straight on plaster or pebble surfaces and also hose turn off thoroughly, per brand instructions. Mountain washing with muriatic acid can be caustic, but Acid Magic is low fume and won’t irritate skin.

Some of the worst swimming pool staining can occur from mudslides or mulch and also soil overflowing into the pool. Because that those that discover it difficult to correct this conditions, recoating the pool through a dark fancy plaster or dark swimming pool liner can hide the swimming pool stains!

Organic swimming pool Stains


A supervisor simple way to remove most organic swimming pool stains is come shock the pool and give your swimming pool a little TLC with a good brushing. This ‘bleaching’ removes most essential stains in concrete pools.

Sprinkle granular chlorine shock appropriate over an necessary stain to do it disappear instantly. Because that vinyl pools, constantly pre-dissolve swimming pool shock an initial in a five gallon bucket full of water, to water over the area and brush well.

Use a Stain Master – The Jandy StainMaster is a maker you connect to your swimming pool pole. It has actually a tiny diameter, 25 ft hose through a gallon jug cap on the other end. Connect the lid to a gallon that muriatic acid, element the hose, and you can provide stain fighting muriatic acid directly to the source of stains. An extremely effective at plaster pool spot removal, however slow for large stained areas. 

Localized stains have the right to be eliminated with a gallon of Acid Magic and also a item of PVC Pipe. To water a couple of cups of acid Magic (or usage dry acid, aka pH Reducer) right into a size of 1.5″ PVC pipe the you organize over a tiny spot top top a plaster surface. Connect a 90 level fitting ~ above the finish to supply the mountain to a stain on the swimming pool wall.

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A simpler way is come sprinkle our EZ Stain Remover over the stained area, complying with label instructions. Our strongest swimming pool stain remover, a combination of acids and stain fighters that deserve to be supplied on any type of pool, concrete or vinyl.

A connected pool stain removal trick, because that both concrete and vinyl pools, is to do your very own Stain Sock filled with a granular acid – EZ Stain Remover, or ours granular pH Reducer. Carefully pour 1 cup (8 oz) into a thin amount say or hosiery. Tie it off tightly right into a pool stain bag the you can place end stained areas with your pool brush. Let it sit because that a few minutes, or you have the right to lightly scrub the surface ar with the ‘stain bag’. Ultimately a use for those orphan socks!