PVA glue is incredibly popular because that its affordable price and also effective bonding ~ above wood, paper, and also fabric.

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Since it’s so widely used, many accidents happen with it, and many time we discover that us glued something that shouldn’t have been glued. Just how do we eliminate it when that happens?

Don’t panic, together PVA glue is one of the simplest adhesives to remove. Much less complicated than dissolving super glue.

In this article, we will look at the best ways to eliminate PVA glue from different materials favor wood and fabric.

Table of Contents
Identify The GlueRemoving The PVA GlueWarm Water & SoapWhite SpiritWhite VinegarAcetoneIf every Else Fails

Identify The Glue


If girlfriend cannot remove the stain, and also you’ve make the efforts every method that us recommended, it’s time to use an commercial Degreaser. This is a heavy-duty remover that should only be supplied when no other means of removal work.

The degreaser that we discovered works the ideal for removing PVA glue is the Schaeffer Degreaser.

We’ve had a 95% success price in removed dried PVA glue, no issue the type, strength, or material. That doesn’t damages the surface where the adhesive residue is and removes it succesfully.

All you have to do is to spray the PVA glue residue and also leave it on for a best of 10 but no much less than 5 minutes.

You need to then have the ability to wipe far the now tacky and also easy to remove PVA glue. Wipe the spot where the removed glue was v alcohol.

This exceptional degreaser is easily accessible on Amazon Here!

It have the right to remove PVA glue from plastic, wood, and also fabric through ease!


Removing PVA glue doesn’t need to be difficult if you identify the kind of glue and also use an effective technique of removal.

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We are specific that girlfriend will have the ability to remove the PVA adhesive residue through following every one of the removal techniques in this guide.

Make certain to execute it right and not damage the product you’re remove the adhesive from, and also you’re golden!