Lily pollen can leave unsightly stains on your clothes, but they"re easy to eliminate with these tips on just how to remove pollen stains!



Lily pollen is a dusty substance, so that can regularly be easier to remove it dry.

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Avoid poignant a lily pollen stain with your hands together oils from your fingers can reason it come sink into the fibres.

Sticky tape have the right to be efficient at lifting pollen stains from clothing and also carpets.

Lilies room beautiful flowers, however orange lily pollen can stain your clothes, family surfaces, and also carpets easily. This guide defines how to eliminate lily pollen stains through a few simple tricks.

If girlfriend often carry lilies into your home, think about removing the anthers (the pollen-bearing oval tips inside the flower) early on, prior to the lily has opened properly. In ~ this stage, they need to still be rubbery, and therefore straightforward to gently remove without noting anything. If the flower has already opened, prevent lily pollen stains by closely using a tissue to plunder the anthers as you traction them off. Dispose of these carefully, together lily pollen deserve to be extremely poisonous to cats.



Lily pollen have the right to stain everything from clothing and also carpets to family members surfaces, leaving yellow or brown clues that regularly resist traditional methods the cleaning. However, lily pollen stain removal is much much easier if girlfriend bear in mind pollen’s unique and also organic qualities. If you’re wondering exactly how to acquire lily pollen stains out, mental the differences in between lily pollen and also other stains – because it is dusty together opposed come liquid, and non-absorbent, lily pollen is often simpler to eliminate dry or through dry solvent assets than in a traditional way.

When it involves removing lily pollen stains, it’s an extremely important the you execute not wet the garments initially – regularly lily pollen stains will certainly dust or shower off. Also avoid touching the lily pollen stain – the oils from her fingers can reason it to set or sink into the fabric. Below are a few lily stain removal approaches you may uncover helpful, in the order girlfriend should try them:

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Use sticky tape to shot and lift off the stain. providing it hasn’t to be brushed right into the cloth already, many (if not all) of the lily pollen should affix to the tape and also come far easily. Other similar methods include using Styrofoam or a pipeline cleaner (the static developed helps come lift the pollen) – simply be careful to press very lightly.

Place the items in direct sunlight. regularly lily pollen stains will certainly fade to nothing in sunlight, particularly the paler, yellow variety.

If the methods above don’t work, soak the article in cold water for fifty percent an hour. climate rinse the thoroughly, and also dry in sunshine as above.

Use tape, together above, or even a vacuum cleaner (carefully – use the nozzle without the head attachment, and open a valve to save the pull gentle) come lift turn off as much of the pollen dust together possible. Perform not scrub while over there is still a loose pollen stain top top carpet fibres, together you risk spreading the stain.

Sponge the stain with a dry cleaning solvent, and climate blot until the lily pollen is gone.

Use a laundry product comprise enzymes. These deserve to be proactively effective against lily pollen. Usage Persil organic washing detergent, or if you’d choose a specially designed stain remover, to cut into the pollen and also pull it the end of the fibres. As before, examine the label on any type of cleaning product you use to ensure that you use it properly and also safely.

Alternatively, you deserve to dab the stain with isopropyl alcohol. Psychic to check this technique on a small, inconspicuous area an initial and make certain the room is fine ventilated. Then, blot the note with a clean document towel.

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There you go – disaster averted! as soon as you know how to attend to lily pollen stains, you can feel relaxed around bringing this lovely, fragrant flowers into your home.