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I had actually my transmission rebuilt critical year. Now most of the time once I park the I have to transition it right into low and earlier to park a few times to acquire my key out. Tried flour graphite yesterday. Quiet no help. 2005 Wrangler endless with automatic transmission. Are there any kind of adjustments for this ?

I"ve had comparable issues a few times through my 02. Sometimes I simply turn the on and off, or shift. Try turning the vital to a few positions and removing that again. It"s taken place to me about twice this year.
Are you end rotating the crucial On both 98 and 04 full respond to clockwise is acc and also in the position vital is not an alleged to come outTry turning vital a little clockwise come lock or off but not every the method to ~ above or startMost vehicles you go full respond to clockwise come remove an essential but not on my TJs per both owner manuals

Check your affiliation for the transmission shifter. The infection my ot be going right into Park every the way.

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I had the same difficulty a while back I went and also bought a brand-new cylinder(comes v two keys) in ~ oriellys and problem solved

It was really easy, over there is a switch underneath the obelisk you press then rotate the vital and traction it out. I youtubed a video of it come see how it to be done and it took around 5 minutes. Only bad thing is currently my door vital and ignition vital are different however no large deal.
Doorman makes them where you can make the brand-new cylinder to the right your initial key. Here is a link but all I can find is because that my 03. Ns hope this helps. Http:// Dorman 924-703 Ingnition Lock Cylinder: Automotive
Could it is in this... Taken place to me years ago. Chopstick FTW.Can"t transition into Park or first Gear -
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