Shannon asked: How execute you clean kerosene native a sleeping bag? as soon as we moved recently, a kerosene lamp fell over and spilled kerosene almost everywhere our brand new sleeping bag. The is made from 100% polyester (shell, lining and filling). I have actually washed it in the washing an equipment with regular detergent several times and added vinegar come the to wash cycle one time. Nothing appears to obtain the smell out. You re welcome help!


spills ~ above fabrics have the right to be a real difficulty to remove. These spills bring around two different cleaning challenges, removing the oil and then removing the smell. Over there are ways to accomplish this through items that are conveniently available. It will be vital to have actually a washing device available the is huge enough to fit the item. If the items is too big for your house machine, consider utilizing a big capacity washer and dryer in ~ a neighborhood Laundromat.

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Removing the Oil Base

You will Need:

Cleaner the will reduced through the oil such as:Dish detergent (Dawn is preferred)Facial cleanser (good for smaller sized stains)Shampoo designed because that oily hair (cheaper brands often tend to have actually less added fragrances, etc.)BoraxWashing machine

Steps to eliminate the Oil Base:

Depending top top the amount of kerosene spilled, it might be possible to spot clean the stain. For bigger areas, that is likely finest to to wash the whole piece in the washing machine.Begin by dispersing some cleaner straight on the stain. Work it in through a soft towel or v your fingers to allow the cleaner to really work into the influenced area,Next, location it in the washing maker (do not ar with various other items or the smell will certainly transfer) and also wash together normal v the sexty water setting that the cloth can tolerate.When the wash cycle is complete, inspect the locations for any kind of oily areas and also treat through repeating the procedures above. Don’t worry around the staying smell together that will certainly be tackled in the next section.Do not place the item in the dryer till you are sure that all of the oil is removed. Kerosene is highly flammable and could ignite if inserted in the dryer.

Removing the Lingering Odor

You will Need:

White vinegarBaking SodaEucalyptus oilWashing machine

Steps to remove the Odor:

There space several various methods that have the right to be employed to eliminate the smell from the fabric.The very first will call for a second washing to remove the smell after the oil is gone. Sprinkle the entire area the was stained through baking soda. If that is tho wet from the previous washing, there will no require for additional water, yet if it has actually dried, it may assist to moisten the area an initial so the baking soda has actually something to adhere to.Next, ar it in the washing machine with to wash detergent and wash as normal.When the to wash cycle begins, include two cups of white vinegar come the to wash cycle. Allow the washing device to agitate because that a couple of turns to distribute the vinegar.Now, revolve off the washing an equipment and permit the item to soak in the vinegar water because that at the very least two hours.Turn the machine back on to continue the to wash cycle.If desired, a 2nd rinse cycle deserve to be provided to remove the vinegar.A 2nd option is to include 5-10 ml the eucalyptus oil come the wash cycle to assist in removing the odor. Wash as normal.Dry the item by one of two people placing it in the dryer (ensure every oil is gotten rid of first) or hanging that outside. The more air that it is exposed to, the an ext the smell will be able to evaporate.

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Additional Tips and Ideas

If the oil has actually all been removed, enabling the item to hang outside on the clothesline for several days will assist in evaporating the smell and also removing it.If all else fails, it may be important to have actually the piece professionally cleaned.Alcohol such as vodka is an old-time remedy because that removing odors. Spray the piece with vodka (test a small hidden area very first to ensure over there is no damage to the fabric) and permit it to air dry completely.