Body jewelry is beautiful! A large part of gift pierced is the ability to swap out your jewelry. Possibly you"ve got a belly switch ring that looks an excellent with a brand-new bikini... Or perhaps your cartilage earrings room specifically curated because that your new outfit. The choices are endless, and also that"s what renders jewelry so fun.A piercing ball that is stuck deserve to take all of the funny out the accessorizing... Not only that, it can be an exceptionally frustrating experience. How can you unscrew a grounding piercing ball?If you"ve got a stubborn piece of body jewelry that simply won"t open up up, below are a few tips to assist you ease up that ball.

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Are You prepared To readjust Your Jewelry?

For most of us, we"re prepared to start swapping out our jewelry formats as soon as we"ve been pierced. Sure, you can be mentally all set to adjust your jewelry... However are you physically ready? Swapping out your jewelry is actually pretty stressful top top a piercing if that isn"t completely healed. An altering your human body jewelry (and the tension that comes together with pulling and prodding in ~ the jewelry to obtain it out) can damage the fragile cells within of the piercing site. Save in mind that although her jewelry might look and feel healed on the outside, it might still be soft on the inside. Piercings are technically puncture wounds after all - if you are still healing, you need to treat them together such.We recommend wait an appropriate amount the time come let your body heal before attempting come swap the end your jewelry. Because that a tongue ring, it can be as early as one (1) month of healing... Yet for a nipple ring or a cartilage piercing (like a nose ring or a helix piercing), it might be closer come a year. Discuss heal times through your experienced piercer if you"re having actually the procedure done. They are most qualified to give you specific advice once it pertains to healing time.


Use a Latex or Rubber Glove

Body jewel is relatively small and also can be fairly tricky! Sometimes, you"ll simply need to gain a better grip on the jewelry to have sufficient leverage to gain the round unstuck.

A pair that latex or rubber gloves will usually carry out enough grip to unscrew a grounding piercing ball. Make certain the jewel is totally dry and also grab the ball with your gloved hand.

The little bit of extra torque from the rubber gloves might provide just the best amount the traction to acquire your round unstuck.Bonus Tip: space you trying come swap the end your human body jewelry over the sink? A restroom is the perfect ar to effort to loosen your body jewelry (there"s generally a mirror and also good, bright lighting), yet the sink is the perfect ar to shed a piercing ball. Put a hand towel over the drain prior to you start to make certain your piercing ball doesn"t obtain lost.


Make sure You"re Twisting the appropriate Way

This can sound at sight goofy, yet make sure that as soon as you"re trying to remove your piercing jewelry, you"re twisting the round the correct way. This can gain confusing, particularly if you"re spring in a mirror once trying to loosen her jewelry. V piercings in hard to check out or reach areas (think the daith or conch), periodically a mirror is your just option because that a intuitive of what you"re doing.Remember, righty-tighty, lefty-loosy! It might be as an easy as that.


Ask A friend For Help

Sometimes changing your jewelry just isn"t a one-person job. Cartilage ear piercings are notoriously difficult to swap out by you yourself - also with a mirror for help, you might not be able to see what you"re doing v 100% accuracy.Your friend deserve to use any kind of of the aforementioned tips to assist get your ball unstuck. Simply make certain they"ve washed their hands thoroughly prior to getting up close and an individual with your mods.If all else fails, it might be time come visit a professional...

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Piercer Pliers 

Be mindful using this method, as you can damage her piercing irreparably.Pliers room one method to get a better grip top top a piercing ball. This pliers frequently have "teeth" that can grab onto the jewelry product with extra pressure. Plus, the pliers themselves sell a bit much more leverage once it concerns twisting the ball.Your skilled piercer should have actually a pair of distinct pliers the will execute the job. If you don"t have actually the correct devices (or you"re as well afraid to perform it yourself), prevent in because that an in-person session. They would be happy to aid you insert a new piece of jewelry while you"re there! part piercers will execute this for free, but ask up front if there is any type of charge - if they do a good job, it"s absolutely precious tipping lock for your time!Note: in more serious cases, your expert piercer might be able to literally reduced the jewelry the end of your piercing. Over there is some natural risk linked with this an approach (although it"s no as scary together it sounds), so we recommend leave this choice to your agree piercer.