The hackamore is a bridle there is no a little that’s operation by exerting push on the horse"s nose, chin, and also poll. The hackamore has several names choose the hackamore little bit or just hackamore and also there are different species of a hackamore. Now and also days the is a famous tool since of the direct call with an immediate release. That means that when interaction is comment to, the call is soon removed. And because of that, the hackamore is no designed to be ridden with constant contact. The hackamore intended come be offered as a second aid to support seat and leg aids. At first, your steed needs to respond on her seat aid, if it doesn’t you use the leg aid and lastly the reins.

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The varieties of Hackamore.

There space two species of hackamore; the mechanical and the non-mechanical. Yet we include there one come it; the multi hackamore.

The mechanical hackamore is listed with shanks, The shanks affix the noseband and chinstrap. The shanks, linked to the noseband and chinstrap, room attached to the cheekpieces of the bridle. The reins space attached to the shanks.The mechanically hackamore job-related by main pressure ~ above the nose, v cues, direct up the cheek item to the poll area. The shanks are accessible in assorted shapes, sizes, and also lengths. The amount of push depends on the size of the shanks.

The non-mechanical hackamores have no leverage because they have no shanks. They provide only pressure on the nasal bone that the horse. This form of hackamore is not defined in this blog-post.

The multi-hackamore is a form of mechanically hackamore through varying degrees of leverage. The flower and also wheel-shaped shanks are suggested as multi-hackamore, since of the multiple options of attachment of the noseband, chinstrap, and cheekpieces.



These species of hackamore explain the style of the shanks. The baroque hackamore is a mid-length shank the is curved and also movable ring at the ends. The shanks room decorated with engraved flowers and are a narrow shank with a size of 16 cm however act like a 14,5 centimeter shanks because it"s curved.The academic is additionally knowing together Music shank. And is a shank of mid-length approx. 14-14.5 cm. This shank is in assorted designs.
 Baroque Academic


The shank is dubbed after that is appearance; flower. The flower hackamore is available in a lengthy version v 8 rings and also a quick version through 7 rings. The flower hackamore is short. The long flower shank is 12 cm length and the quick version 8.5 cm. The flower shanks have multiple alternatives and there because that a multi-hackamore.
 Flower ShortFlower Long



The Star and Pin-Wheel hackamore has actually 6 slots and also multiple options. The Star and pin-wheel are brief shanks. The Star has actually a length of 8.5 cm and also the pin-wheel 5 cm. The Star and Pin-Wheel have actually multiple options and as such a multi-hackamore. Stübben has given their pin-wheel shank the surname of flower hackamore.



The Love hackamore is a short and also narrow shank very suitable for ponies or simply if you want a little shank. The length of the shank is 10 cm and a width of 5 cm.

ENGLISH HACKAMORE (NOT easily accessible IN ours STORE).

The English hackamore is a strong form hackamore through shanks of approx. 15-18 cm length. Some shanks are slightly bent backward, which renders these shanks much less serve 보다 a directly shank. In our store, you will not uncover shanks through these lengths. The baroque shank v a size of 16 cm is less strong because that the curved shanks.

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The German hackamore is very strong and mostly listed with shanks approx. 20 cm in length and slightly curved. The chinstrap is mainly a curb chain that is thought about as harsher than a leather chin strap. The ends of the shanks are connected with a thin metal bar, this is to maintain and secure the framework of the shanks. These type of hackamores room not easily accessible in our store!


Fitting the hackamore

All hackamores are inserted on the nasal bone that the horse. The fitting of the hackamore is really important and also especially the noseband. If the noseband fits as well high; sensitive facial nerves can be blocked. And If the noseband is inserted too low and ridden through too lot force, it will have an unfavorable consequences on the nasal bone, breathing, and cartilage. 

We recommended that the noseband be placed two-three finger widths below the protruding cheekbone, and also shanks have to be put with a minimum of one finger thickness below the sensitive protruding cheekbone. Make sure that the cheekpieces of the headstall are not be put too close come the eyes.