I simply moved to a new building. The mailboxes space the standard steel ones in a row on the first floor through the apartment number scribbled on the front. Top top my an initial piece of handle mail, who (I i think the mailman?) had actually written "Please placed your name on the mailbox or no mail deserve to be delivered." i never had actually this trouble in mine old place- doesn"t the postal service drop letter in based on the attend to and not the name? ns guess it"s a little out the my comfort zone to have actually my name displayed down there for all to see. What have the right to I do? ns live in brand-new York. Thanks!

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just placed your last name on the box. Ns once had actually mail not get delivered because i didn"t put my name on the box, yet a last name is enough.posted through thinkingwoman in ~ 10:46 to be on July 4, 2008
Best answer: In both of the buildings that I"ve lived in, the mail carrier as put a label on the inside earlier of my box. Many of these banks of mailboxes open and also slide front so the letter person deserve to stick the mail in native the top... They deserve to see the label, yet no one else can unless her mailbox is open.posted by kimdog at 10:48 am on July 4, 2008
You have the right to just have your last name on the box. In part places, specifically apartment buildings, the write-up office will not provide to people whose names are not on the box. Ns don"t see this on their long list of delivery rules but I"m acquainted with the write-up office act this in countless places, especially areas that have a lot of students.posted through jessamyn in ~ 10:49 am on July 4, 2008
That"s crazy. Contact the short article office. Of course, I"m in Canada, however to my understanding people in the USA additionally gets many mail because that *
&$* previous occupants, so whoever scribbled that keep in mind is not making sense. Privacy, the final word. Stand your ground.posted by Listener at 10:50 to be on July 4, 2008
Listener, ns think the point is that this keeps people from gaining mail because that previous occupants, or keeps someone from utilizing their apt box together a mail drop for a most people. I"m not suggesting that it"s great policy and that privacy isn"t important, I"m simply saying there"s a an extremely real possibility that this is other mandated through the post office. We have actually much less in the way of privacy laws that protect us in the US contrasted to Canada.posted by jessamyn in ~ 10:55 am on July 4, 2008
My postman put a sticker through my last name on my apartment mailbox. I imagine it"s mainly due to the fact that it"s easier... He could sort all the mail making use of apartment numbers, but that"s mistake-prone since all the number he"s sorting room consecutive, and also it"s a lot easier to kind by name. Also, the variety of pieces of mail that are sent out to me the somehow lose my apartment number is pretty shocking, and also those room quite hard to supply by number.posted through smackfu in ~ 10:59 to be on July 4, 2008
The advice above is good. Placed your last surname on the box - Doe, or put an initial initial and also last surname on the box J. Doe. If girlfriend don"t feel comfortable v that, climate at the very least tape your full name within the box, close to the top. As Kimdog says, most of these banks of mailboxes open and also slide forward so the mail person deserve to stick the letter in indigenous the top... They can see the label, but no one else deserve to unless her mailbox is open. Mine functions this method and my husband and also I have actually our full names within the box. Also, it is type of advantageous to have at least your last surname on the box. Us have great mail delivery people, but I sometimes gain my neighbors mail by accident and also since they have their critical names on their boxes I have the right to actually offer them the misdirected letters myself.posted by gudrun at 11:07 to be on July 4, 2008
Is your name on the bell? If so, your privacy is already shot. Placed your name on the box for the bad mail carrier. Nobody else cares who are.posted through nax at 11:11 to be on July 4, 2008
I live in a level with 2 mail boxes, and also even right here we had to put our last name on the within of the mailbox. Your continual carrier may understand who girlfriend are, however they likewise get a decent number of vacation days.posted by drezdn at 11:13 am on July 4, 2008
For what it"s worth, I"ve had to carry out this at every the apartments I lived at because college. Prior to then, as soon as I lived v my family, we did not need to do this. Not sure why this is the case, and also I"m not saying it doesn"t kind of suck, however that"s how it is.The ar we"re right now living at has the surname on the external of the mailbox. The doesn"t stroked nerves me, but I hadn"t given it much thought. Currently that you point out it, I"d quite it weren"t for this reason public. At our various other apartment, it was on a tiny sticker inside the mailbox.posted by Nattie in ~ 11:13 to be on July 4, 2008
Is it possible that girlfriend could catch the mail shipment person when they have actually the mailbox bank open because that dropping in mail?I caught mine when in Seattle once he had inserted the key and opened up the entirety thing, and he had actually put tiny labels through names top top the inside, readable native his suggest of view. I took my name off the front after ~ that, anyone happy.posted through ctmf at 11:14 am on July 4, 2008
The apartment I"m currently living in has a provided name whereby we call it and also to which mail is periodically addressed (rather than to one one inhabitant). We might theoretically make a habit of constantly putting the apartment"s name on the "Address 2" line (as if it were some important building) and also then put that name on the mailbox in place of our own. It"s more college-y 보다 professional, so you may not desire to go that path - however the postman probably won"t mix your mail up v anyone else"s!posted by bubukaba in ~ 11:16 am on July 4, 2008
Yeah, I had actually put a thing on the former of package with mine & mine roommates last names, and also then the mailman simply put a white sticker (Avery label form sticker) top top the inside of package saying "AlisonM/Roommate, apt X" (where X is mine apt #) top top the inside of the box, also though we had labeled the former of it. If you have the same kind of mailbox that I execute (there"s a few across, and also it pulls the end from the top, so it"s sort of angled out and also they drop ingredient in native the top when they"re delivering mail), it"s less complicated for castle to read that way, to add the only world who will ever see it room you and also your letter carrier. (I"m in NYC too.)posted through AlisonM in ~ 11:17 am on July 4, 2008
Our postpeople won"t put mail in our crate that isn"t clearly addressed to the last names ~ above the box. This has actually led to substantial problems for me, and they say the it is policy, despite I"ve never usmam.orged to check out the dominance in print.posted through unknowncommand at 11:18 am on July 4, 2008
that"s really, really, yes, really weird—i live in brand-new york and none the the mailmen i"ve ever before had in any type of zip password have ever before demanded this (none of my mailboxes have ever before had names exterior them), or have ever not ceded mail handle to the apartment, even if it is the citizens are existing or not. I speak to bullshit top top this being policy. Tell your mailman you room happy to place a sticker with your name INSIDE the box but not the end for privacy reasons.posted by lia at 11:27 to be on July 4, 2008
In addition to all that"s been said, may I imply that girlfriend either put both your an initial name and also last name on her mailbox, or simply your last surname - and also instruct anyone to make sure mail handle to you constantly includes her last name.My sister one tried to send me a say thanks to you note for a birthday gift to her child - it was addressed to "Aunt Firstname" - my mailman most likely sorts top top name fairly than # (or probably that work someone to be filling in for our continual mailman, since I occasionally get mail for former tenants) - this is the only reason I deserve to think, concerning the thank you keep in mind being returned to sender.posted by raztaj at 11:34 to be on July 4, 2008
Sounds choose the building manager come me, no the postman.A distribution person is claimed to do every attempt to supply the mail. If the resolve matches however there is no name, lock will need to put it in that crate or go back to sender. They had actually return to sender. Prices them money. So they placed it in the box. (Unless you have actually the same last name of one more tennant, climate they"ll probably gain your mail.)Having a specific name on a box has actually never made any type of difference to any of the mail ns get. I"m pretty certain the postmen at all of my apartments never read the optimal line. In ~ my current place I have actually a note inside the box that says "Do not deliver mail to anyone yet Ookseer", and also 18 months later 1/2 the letter in my crate is still for previous residents.At mine previous place the man was doing great to get it to the right building. It to be a great way to gain to understand my neighbors since we would regularly fulfill to take care of yielded mail.Putting your last name on there has some benefits. For example when mail gets misdelivered a familiar neighbor will slide that under her door. Another one is that you don"t look choose a paranoid recluse to your neighbors by being the just one without a name on your box.posted by Ookseer in ~ 11:37 to be on July 4, 2008
If you"re worried about your privacy, simply solve the difficulty outright: get a PO Box, salary to have actually your letter forwarded come it because that at least six months, gradually replace your attend to on all your necessary correspondence with the PO box address, tell her friends and also put it increase on your facebook etc, publish up part "RETURN to SENDER - LEFT ADDRESS, PLEASE eliminate FROM mailing LIST" stickers, and slap "em on all junk mail, credit card offers, etc. Act it as a change of resolve without actually moving house.posted by aeschenkarnos at 11:58 am on July 4, 2008
It could be for this reason that as soon as something gets addressed to "Jane Smith, 123 everything Street #3, new York, NY P0L 1W0," it doesn"t obtain returned because they don"t recognize that friend live in #3A. When you have actually 3A, 3B, etc., in her building, and someone leaves off the letter, it deserve to be problematic.I think a lot of of world from outside brand-new York think that letters in apartment numbers room typos.posted by oaf in ~ 1:16 afternoon on July 4, 2008
NYC, this uses to mine mailman too. In new York, execute you know exactly how many world have your exact same last name? about a bazillion.posted by sondrialiac at 3:54 afternoon on July 4, 2008
The short article office had actually that preeminence when I stayed in State College, PA i beg your pardon obviously is full of college students. They would not provide anything come a house or apartment if it didn"t have the names of every the renters top top the letter box. This was constantly an issue due to the fact that you usually had an ext people than the lease allowed living in the house so you had to put up a brand that said something like, "John Smith, Paul Jones, Mike Adams and accepting mail because that Bob Williams", because Bob wasn"t top top the lease.posted by octothorpe at 8:36 pm on July 4, 2008
Has nobody argued renting a short article office box? They"re fairly cheap.posted by white irradiate at 12:02 am on July 5, 2008
Ugh, ns can"t imagine having my mail delivered to mine home attend to anymore. Who desires to let anyone in the civilization know wherein you live? get a personal mailbox.posted through Jacqueline in ~ 12:27 to be on July 5, 2008
Has nobody said renting a write-up office box? They"re relatively cheap.Oddly enough, yes. :)posted through aeschenkarnos in ~ 9:38 pm on July 6, 2008
You think that"s bad? In Switzerland, we have our names: 1) top top the mailbox 2) ~ above the exterior doorbell. 3) inside each elevator 4) outside our apartment door. Every among these is professionally engraved brass plate, and also we had to pay for it. Looks as well office-like come me, but that"s your way. Oh, and it is socially incorrect below to answer your phone "hello?". You are expected to answer v your name. (to which ns say: "Okay, as soon as you pay mine phone bill, I"ll execute that your way." Too much parental training to the contrary)posted by Goofyy at 5:13 to be on July 8, 2008
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