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I to be posting this again under a differnet topic. I simply finished the 95 in upgrade in my 2002 FLHT. I likewise installed S&S equipment drive 510 cams and S&S camer breather valve. All brand-new gasket/o-rings. After beginning for the an initial time lifters are noisy (expected), yet I have no oil pressure. I aligned the pump using alignment pins obtained from an H-D mechanic. I installed the lifters in the initial positions yet not certain of the orientation the the oil hole. Who told me castle remembered reading about the pump obtaining air bound and also there was a procedure for bleeding the air. Go anyone remind this or have any type of suggestions. Thanks
Typically just covering the gerotors with assembly lube is enough and also the orientation that the lifter feet is irrelevant, in other words you placed them in the way they came out to maintain wear trends if reusing them.If there really is no oil push verified through a mechanical gauge it most likely is either a assembly issue or a stuck open up pressure relief valve. Assembly issue would be the O rings in between the camplate and engine case, oil pump O ring or assembly bespeak or popped gallery plugs in the camplate.

Thanks HIPPO. I was reading a thread around lifter ticking post in 2002. Everyone seems to think that the share oil pump is not enough for anything other then stock cams. If I need to take the video camer plate out ns am wonder if I need to replace the pump with a Feuling pump?
If money is no thing the Feuling pump is a an excellent addition yet I have any variety of quiet engines running v the share pump. I feel the biggest advantage of the Feuling pump is the boosted scavenge capability, yet it have the right to quiet some engines down.On a 02 cycle you might not have the recent B variation lifters which tend to it is in quieter. They are inexpensive.These form of cams roughly .500" elevator don"t really put any more stress top top the valve train climate the stock ones, at least not precious writing house about.If you decide to go for the pump and also considering you most likely don"t have actually the latest variation of lifter it might be a great idea to also use the Feuling lifters, however do not usage these with the stock pump.

Thanks Hippo. I pulled the video camer cover off again last night and also discovered the I had assembled the oil pump washers and also gears in the wrong order. Ns should have actually "READ the f%$*ing book" or at the very least look at the pictures. Quite then pull the top end apart again I reduced he stock push rods and bought a collection of adjustable Crane rods from Zippers. The called me the they use 84-present Sportster rods in the twin cams the they build. I readjusted them to the shortest position and with the cylinder in ~ TDC I might not acquire them in. For this reason its ago to Zippers this morning and also get the rods because that the TC. Thanks for her input.
LIFTERThe service manual states the oil hole in the lifter shoud face in towards the connecting rods. Ns dont know if this provides a diff however thats what the publication says.

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