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GAMESGames, gamings and much more games. End 100 games to download. Through the Casio software and a cable you"ll be play in less than a minute!
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Games, games, games!- all in *.cat format

Free games! These gamings are all in *.cat format for simple download right into your CFX design calculator. Games tend to run much slower top top the new CFX colour graphical calculators 보다 the larger models - other to do with the display software writing to the screen 3 time (once because that each colour) fairly than once for plain old black. This hasn"t deterred the programmers that wrote the 100+ games below though!

No more typing! letter order your computer - Calc cable and also then download the free Casio FA-122 software program (recommended) or more recent FA-123 software application to load programs and games straight into your calculator! You have the right to also totally free up your calculator memory by save on computer notes, programs, etc on your PC. Also available: Calc - Calc cables.

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The games...Games rated from 5 down to 1 star and also then i ordered it alphabetically. Web links to author will either take you to their website or start an e-mail to them. Apologies to writer who are not attributed correctly - please let me know!

*****A TindlundArchery game with many options
Battaile Navale*****X IzardBattleships because that 2 players
Centipede*****L AurelienMixed Nibbles and Pacman
Culdfut*****Role playing
Demine*****X IzardMine Sweeper
Dropzone1.2*****O StenroosYou fall yet have to do it to the finish of the screen, without crashing come the walls.
Final Fanasy 7*****SimSoftPlatform adventure
Gold Mine*****A TindlundCollect yellow without crashing
Indy 1000*****A TindlundFast car race
Indy 500*****Car race
IQMax*****NarmNumber game against calculator
Jokers Wild*****I-K SimRecreates the Casino video clip Poker video game - Jokers Wild
Pipeline*****X IzardPipeline
Poker Machine*****J RockstrohPoker device where you insert coins come play.
Puissance 4-2*****X Izard
Snarf*****A Tindlund7 level worm
Tetris*****R AnthinOriginal Tetris
Top Gun*****J VanierFlight simulator
Triple Worm*****O StenroosCollect the environment-friendly dots together they appear at the screen
Virtual Boxing*****M CarpentierBoxing with numerous variations
Worms*****Y GavrandLots the programs
Asteroids****Hidetake JoSnake v asteroid field
Bomberman****BenoitFrench. Lots of little programs.
Bombrun****T Lynn
Break out Gold****Hidetake Jo
California Games****L AurelienSurfing, skating, footbag, etc.
Cricket****C ScottCricket sim - included Jan 2002, lots of small progs
Demineur****MadManuMine Sweeper
Doom****R MackrellLots of small programs. The 4, 8 and 6 secrets are offered to navigate, and also the 5-key to shoot
Galactix****J VanierSpace shooter
IQ Max-Multi****NarmPick number in rows and also columns
Mark Menu****M VernonLoad the games and also stuff in one cat record with a menu
Mighty Medawar****A TindlundRole playing - kill the invading monsters
Mine Sweeper****NarmMine sweeper
NFS2000****Fast automobile racing
NHL99****O StenroosBeat the hockey goalie - 2 player. Relocate with left and also right keys and also shoot with EXE.
Nibbles****J Lerenius
Nim****NarmLast to walk loses
Pacman****M LundstromPacman
Pacman****Pacman, 3 levels
Pacman****R AnthinPacman
Platform****L Aurelien
Pool****J NoelPool
Q-Bert****T LynnRun throughout all level of the pyramid
Race 3****X IzardCar racing
Rally****J HeinonenSteer the dot - car racing
Soccer****C ScottSoccer sim - included Jan 2002, lots of tiny progs
Star Eater****K HarwissEat stars in as quick a time as feasible - like Pac-man
Super Mario Land****R Anthin4 levels, difficult controlsControls:# Jump= shift# Right= right-arrow# Left= left-arrow# Down= down-arrow
Super Street Fighter****M NagotFight against the calculator
TicTacToe****S MasonTic Tac Toe
XO-Deluxe****NarmSame TIC TAC TOE, far better than XO-GOLD
XO-Gold****NarmTic Tac toe v calc
X-Wing****J RockstrohX-Wing is a space shooter v no depths story
X-Worm 2.0****J Heinonen1 level worm. Use 8, 6, 2, 4 secrets to navigate
Aliens***O SMove with keys. Shoot v EXE.
Avion***L Aurelien
Black Jack***Card game against calculator
Confusion***Find the pair
Deathtrap Dungeon***J Rockstroh RPG� lengthy time ago a warlock resided in the high mountains of Avalon�
Detour***J FritzCar driving game
Dodge 2***Don"t crash your an are craft
DownHill Ski***O StenroosSki down a mountain hill. You space the H-sign. Arrows to move L & R.
Dragon Quest***Role play
Get The Numbr***
Horse Race***Bet on equine race
Indycar***I-K SimCar racing
Klax***R AnthinLet blocks fall on each various other in triples of every kind.
Land that Wars***NarmCollect boxes
Memory***Find the bag (of numbers)
Micro Machines***
Minigolf***A RaudMinigolf
Mortal Kombat***P PizzoTan key throws a fireball, --> crucial does a turn kick, cos key does an uppercut and F2 key does a fatality
Pendu 4***X Izard
Pong Pro***M Lundstrom2 player
Puzzle***Narm8 number puzzle
Puzzler***H StordahlArrange numbers in offered order
Race***M LundstromCar race
Speed Limit***O StenroosChange speed with duty keys - to drive the exact same speed together limit.

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Street Fighter***P PizzoFight versus the calculator
Super Sniper***J VanierHit the small target located on the ground.
Worms***D T
X soup Gold***D Cross
X-game***M LundstromFast Eye - count the x"s
Basketball**P PizzoBasketball
Bomb**Save the people by guessing the 4-digit code
Bricks 2**
Elite**Guide a ship with a meteor storm
Gissa**M Lundstrom
Invaders**Space invaders
Knight**Run about over all the X"s
Robin Hood**Arrow shooting game
Soccer Shooting**A Somers2 player soccer
TacToe**J CarolinoTic Tac Toe
Casionoid*J HeinonenArkanoid game
Yatzy*C Reyes2 player
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