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Hello everyone I have a question. The initial ceiling was flat and I placed semi gloss now. Like people said roller marks and also imperfections appear. Have the right to i buy flat again and go end semi gloss or carry out i need to do something an ext like element it.. Give thanks to you all

You have the right to do what ever you want. Flat over Gloss....gloss over flat.Have you thought about putting a second coat on it first? i personally have not had a entirety lot the luck acquiring by with just one coat of paint when I"m an altering colors.What kind of imperfections? In most cases that is resulted in by dirt, and not the paint it self. When in doubt, element it....then repaint it.
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Hi dawg many thanks I watch the roller marks on the ceiling and the beams from the attic show much more now climate before.i guess because there is 4 windows every is watched on the ceiling. Ns did two coats. When it to be a level China white it was nice. Provided semi gloss over it and also when you open curtains lighting mirrors everything. Need to I purchase a level China white with primer. Some people posted sanding it down before going over. It appears allot for a bedroom ceiling. Or should I simply buy level china white.i evaluate all the help. Thanks
You could want to easy sand the ceiling. The area requirements a bit of tooth for the following coat to grab onto. You likewise want to mute several of the more thick rolling concerns so castle don"t telegraph through the next coat.
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So regardless it demands sanding? Or a paint with primer would make the work. Or straight primer climate flat.. Thanks sorry simply been frustrated with this task
not certain where you are from but sherwin williams agree mar 200 is some awesome paint ..primer and top coat.....was said anytime changing surface finish constantly prime.......
Pro Mar is SW"s contractor class paint. An excellent paint. Provided to usage it all the time yet it is no their optimal of the line. Tho much better than any type of box save brand.Remember that latex/acrylic semi-gloss paints take 30 days come cure. If you try to sand or scruff the surface before then you might have a mess on her hands and sheet upon paper of gummed increase sandpaper.I would often tend to go through the suggestion to continue to be with semi-gloss---especially if friend after that sheen in the first place---and apply one more coat with a more thick roller cover.
Another point to save in mind when using any kind of kind the gloss top top the ceiling is that the direction the rolling makes a difference.You should always roll towards the windows, the roller marks are then much less noticable....Paul
Do you think if I readjust the nap to thicker would it help cover the roller streaks. I"m not applying pressure to the roll as soon as applying. The guy told me to use a diluent nap. Wondering if it would be far better to go thick. Likewise been reading that primer would certainly be good then flat paint over. Would certainly that stick ok? Or sanding is the only way? Thanks
Give the a irradiate sanding - use a more thickness napped roller, but spend the moment back-rolling and really evening the end the paint. Carry out two coats that flat. You room seeing roller clues not due to the fact that it is semi-gloss, but because either friend are having actually coverage concerns (not enough paint top top the ceiling) or you are not rolling it out properly, or both.
What nap cover room you using. I seldom offered anything thinner than 3/8 and also usually started with 1/2 for interior work and also latex paints. Other painters disagree yet I actually desired 3/4 when applying semi-gloss---especially to walls and ceilings. You can put a high bond primer on to be certain of adhesion if you desire to change to flat. Once it is cured, a irradiate sanding will go yes, really fast.
I indicate priming end glossy walls for adhesion however if that a ceiling you really dont have to. I dont watch why you"d want to sand in ~ all. We use Benjamin moor and also whenever there room roller marks, its simply telling united state we need one more coat.
Get a typical flat ceiling paint from one actual paint store and also you are good to go. Paint and also primer in one deserve to is nothing an ext than a sales gimmick.
Get a usual flat ceiling paint from one actual paint store and you are great to go. Paint and also primer in one can is nothing an ext than a sales gimmick.

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Key expression highlighted in red. :thumbup: Read any of the Behrly paint write-ups at every on this site prior to buying that stuff. And also indeed over there is no such point as primer and paint in one.

I know Behr:thumbdown: has actually primer within the paint. Is that an excellent enough come cover semi gloss?
Rumor has actually it HD plans come prove primer and also paint room in the same can by placing a lid top top both the bottom and also the top. If you revolve the can upside down and stir the chemicals, one alkyd oil based primer will materialize. If you open up the top and also stir, the chemistry transforms so you have flat, satin or semi-gloss 100 percent acrylic latex---easily applied without running and also sagging. You have the right to switch earlier and forth simply by opening the exactly lid.First shipments are to be ceded to non-believers and also skeptical pro painters by :santa: top top Christmas eve (Yes Virginia...). As an included incentive, HD will carry out the remarkable self-applicator to the first 50,000 painters who endorse the product. Just collection the deserve to in the center of the room on the rotate platform and also it will apply itself come walls and ceilings without any kind of brushwork, roller lap marks or spray gaps.