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FWIW - I had a little bit of a time finding the way to open the an additional safety latch hood release on my 2019 OB. Below is a good video that shows where the major release lever is in the cabin, dash lower-left, and a very good method of finding the second release lever at the prior of the car to actually obtain the hood open.Question: walk anyone understand why the 2.5i engine doesn"t come through an engine cover like the 3.6R? that seems favor they designed a way to placed one on, but might have chose not to?

Question: does anyone know why the 2.5i engine doesn"t come v an engine cover prefer the 3.6R? the seems prefer they designed a means to put one on, however might have decided not to?

I guess: v the little picture of the hood opened is no a dead give-a-way.Now the next video will be how to go on a sidewalk and chew gum.Laughing at oneself and with others is good for the Soul!
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The photo wasn"t helpful unfortunately. Ns was reaching into the engine compartment running my hands along the height of the hood and other surfaces, getting to through the grill, and not detect the release, chose to look at online. What i liked around the video was the person related info in a manner that have the right to truly be helpful and also memorable come others. Hence, i reposted it. The will help someone rather I"m sure.
I guess: v the tiny picture that the hood opening is no a dead give-a-way.Now the next video clip will be just how to walk on a sidewalk and also chew gum.Laughing in ~ oneself and with rather is an excellent for the Soul!
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These videos remind me of Billy Connolly skit about the flight attendant explaining the security procedures.
I"ve never opened my hood. I"m certain there is an engine under it. It"s been going from allude A come B due to the fact that I bought it 10 month ago.
Hate to say it, however it"s always the an additional safety latch is the pains in the a$$ to find, indigenous one auto to another. It"s favor playing Where"s Waldo. I"ve viewed them under the hood, in the grill, swipe left, swipe right... Ugh!!!! just standardize it already!!!
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Being the (un)lucky individual who gets to perform monthly car inspections for my employer, I will certainly say that locating the secondary hood relax in unfamiliar vehicles can be frustrating. Vehicles native three different manufacturer, and they each have their own secret as to why and where...
Many various manufacturers have come with various ways open up the hood. Some more obvious than others. Any kind of time you do a move from one auto to one more there is a discovering curve. How many of us have actually pulled right into the gas pump through our new Subie just to realize the we space no much longer driving a vehicle with the fuel filler ~ above the left. ****, i only discovered yesterday that I could lock the auto simply by poignant the peak of the door handle.

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