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went to open my hood and also it seems prefer the cable broke. Has this happend to any one else. How did you acquire the latch open?

Pull top top the hood release then go out and also fist bang the hood right above the latch and the hood may pop up. Mine cable feel light when pulled however the fist bump trick generally works top top mine.

:whs: ~ the cowl hood i need to hit the damn hood favor a Chevy I need to change it. If that is a cable worry i gambling it come off not broke...
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Good to recognize I"m no the just one v this issue. Stroked nerves yes but it hasn"t pissed me off enough to solve it yet. :evil

My hood walk this because that awhile, as soon as I gained it earlier open i sprayed everything with PB and also it seems much better now.

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is there stress and anxiety on hood release bar if therefore the cable isn"t broke and is it even popping the hood. I had actually my hood obtain stuck on mine 97 and latch was bent somehow yet i finished up sticking a peice that 4ft plywood under the hood and also prying up, it opened up it yet i wouldn"t indicate it looks favor you have a nice van

no, there"s no tension on the im trying to number out just how to get the hood open up so i deserve to replace the cable. I are afraid that prying may be my just option:doh:
You cant also pull the lever, placed your thumbs whereby the hood is and also lift up really hard? sometimes it help to have someone hold the elver while friend pull/push up on it.
i dislike to pry top top it too much. I have a glass hood and i don"t want to crack it. Ns think i can obtain the grill off, perhaps i can obtain the latch that way
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