Above floor pools space easy. If you have the right to measure a space the dimension of the pool, it will certainly fit. If the ground isn’t flat, it deserve to be fixed.

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First, review the Where’s the ideal place to placed my pool? section of this Buyer’s Guide and also think around the different determinants that may affect your location of the pool. Then, note out the pool’s outline. The diagram and chart listed below will display you exactly how the installers mark out a swimming pool for floor work. Making use of these numbers will offer you an overview of the pool. Scratch the summary in the ground, or to fill a plastic bag v flour, cut off a corner, and use it to mark your outline. 

Ask come borrow a garden measuring kit native your pool store. It will probably encompass stakes, string, a lengthy measuring tape, and an outline marking bag. If you space still unsure, or if a couple of inches matter, see if they will certainly send out an installer or a salesperson to help.

Practice walking roughly the pool. How does the feel? have the right to you gain the lawn mower approximately it? Is there room because that patio furniture in one area? Visualize wherein the ladder, deck, and also filter will go. Is this convenient? try a couple of sizes, or shapes. As pools acquire larger, their expense rises much more slowly 보다 the size – so a bigger pool is quite often not much much more expensive than the following size down. 

Round Pools

Just division the pool’s diameter by 2 to gain the radius, then add six inches because that the frame. Placed a stake in the center, and also measure her string to the length. Tie the string come the stake, and also walk that in a circle.

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 Oval Pools

Using the diagram below, comb string, and some flour, note out the swimming pool area because that your dimension pool.

Using the chart listed below for your dimension pool, insert pegs marked A the correct distance apart as shown in the A come A box. In the appropriate A come B box see what measurement is necessary to insert the B peg. Insert B peg as shown. Tie the string to B, just long enough to touch A. Walk it in a semicircle from C to A come the other C. The two C points need to line up v B. That forms the curved finish of her pool. C to D is the size (above ground) of your struts. They will certainly be a small longer, listed below the ground. To prepare your ground, you will need an extra foot all around to work. For more details see the pool measurements on the following page., Oval swimming pool Dimensions.



PoolSizeA come AA to BB come BB come CStandardC to DYardmoreC come D
12′ x 17′16′ 10″6′4′ 10″6′3′9″
12′ x 24′23′ 11″6′11′ 11″6′3′9″
15′ x 26 1/2′26′ 6″7′ 6″11′ 6″7′ 6″3′9″
15′ x 30′30′7′ 6″15′7′ 6″3′9″
18′ x 33′33′9′15′9′3′9″
18′ x 40′40′9′22′9′3′9″