One that the most straightforward joys of mine Tamagotchi Forever is watching her Tamagotchi grow and also evolve into brand-new forms. There’s something really satisfying around nurturing that and turning it from infant to toddler to teen to adult, together there is with any type of virtual pet game or app. However, this one has a foot up on countless others simply due to the fact that the Tamagtochis room so different, and also let’s face it, therefore darn cute.While advancement from one phase to another in my Tamagotchi is one of the greatest parts that the game, countless players have questions around how to acquire them to evolve right into a certain form, particularly since more Tamagotchis have been added to the game since launch. Together it turns out, there is a method to regulate which kind you’ll receive in the next stage that evolution, and also it all needs to do v what girlfriend feed your pet in ~ the vault stage.

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Let’s break it every down, phase by stage in our my Tamagotchi Forever development guide.

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My Tamagotchi Forever – advancement Stages:

My Tamagotchi Forever – advancement Stages:


There are at this time four baby forms, and also alas, due to the fact that you don’t feed an egg, friend don’t have any kind of say end which infant you’ll get. Simply make an providing to the RNG gods, we suppose.

Here room the 4 babies, every of which show up to have actually an equal possibility at appearing:



Any toddler Tamagotchi have the right to be developed from any kind of baby, which is among the nicer elements of the game. Again, what’s vital is what friend feed her baby Tamagotchi, together that determines the evolution into the toddler stage. It need to take roughly four hrs to flourish a baby right into a toddler.

Hoshitchi – Feed her baby nothing (if you’re a jerk!), fruit or snacksMeganetchi – Feed your baby vegetablesMizutamatchi – Feed your baby seafoodPuchitchi – Feed her baby sweets


There are right now seven various teen forms in my Tamagotchi Forever. Evolution from toddler come teen have to take about 36 hours.

Eriitchi – Feed her toddler sweetsHaretchi – Feed her toddler seafoodHinatchi – Feed her toddler vegetablesMokokotchi – Feed your toddler snacksNikatchi – Feed her toddler fruitsSoyofuwatchi – Feed your toddler meats


It takes 3 days to evolve a teen Tamagotchi into an adult, offering you plenty of time come make certain you space feeding it the correct foods to get it to the phase you’d choose to see.

Chamametchi – feed your teen a mix the seafood and also fruitGozarutchi – distinct conditions; watch belowKuchipatchi – Feed your teen mainly junk foodKuromametchi – feed your teen a mix of meat and also fruitsLovelitchi – feeding your teen a mix of sweets and meatsMametchi – feeding your teen a mix that seafood and meatsMemetchi – feeding your teen a mix that snacks and also fruitsSebiretchi – feed your teen a mix of fruits and snacks

How to Evolve a teen Tamagotchi into Gozarutchi

The ninja-esque Gozarutchi is a cool-looking Tamagotchi the has additionally given football player fits trying come evolve it. As it turns out, there room several ways to assist ensure you evolve her teen right into one, with the most vital one first:

Place the Training course item in TamaTown. From every accounts, that is impossible to evolve a Gozarutchi there is no the cultivate Course.Feed your teenager a mix of seafood and vegetables.Keep your teen’s power in the green at every times.

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This is probably the trickiest task you’ll have in my Tamagotchi Forever, so finest of luck. And if you found this post useful, be certain to read our various other guides, including our advanced tricks and also tips on how to play for free.