One the my most favorite houseplants is mine Money Tree (Pachira Aquatica). The was given to me by my grandmother right after I gained married. When she lugged it come me, the was most likely only about 24″ tall, yet now, that is nearly as huge as ns am (and i am practically six feet tall!) so what is the secret?

How can you make your Money Tree grow faster and taller? to encourage your Money Tree come grow large quickly, you’ll should make a few adjustments to your straightforward care routine. V ideal growing conditions, fertilizer, pruning, and a few tools, her Money Tree deserve to keep growing and also growing and also growing.

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I’ve compiled a perform of my top nine tips because that encouraging bigger and taller Money Trees. If you’ve gained a small tree the you’re hoping will turn into a giant, follow together with these instructions and give her Money Tree precisely what it requirements to thrive.

How fast Do Money tree Grow?

Compared to countless other houseplants, Money Trees grow quite fast. The is not inexplicable to watch your Money Tree placed out brand-new leaves every few weeks throughout the cultivation season. When they are saplings, Money tree can prosper as conveniently as 24″ in a solitary year. That’s fast!

To encourage this sort of fast growth, you’ll must be diligent about caring for her Money Tree and ensuring the it has whatever it needs to thrive. Adequate water, ideal sunlight, and nutrients are crucial to keeping your Money Tree farming quickly.

Money tree in the Wild vs. Money Trees together Houseplants

In their natural habitat, Money Trees, likewise known together Malabar Chestnuts, will build much differently than once they are retained as houseplants. Natives of the swamplands of central and south America, wild Money Trees can exceed heights of 60 feet.

Along the riverbanks where the Money Tree is discovered in nature, this trees space able to spread out out your root systems, giving themselves support and seeking out nutrients along the way. This is why lock can proceed to prosper to massive heights. In these conditions, lock will also flower and produce seeds, a type of chestnut that deserve to be roasted and also eaten.


In the home, however, this plants will hardly ever exceed 8 feet tall. Acquiring a Money Tree come that height requires a the majority of love and care, therefore if your goal is to flourish your tabletop tree to one the size, you should setup to follow these instructions below.

Remember: Time of Year is Important

If you haven’t checked out any brand-new growth on your Money Tree in a couple of months, don’t panic. Relying on the season, Money Trees have the right to grow quicker or slower. No brand-new growth may just mean that your tree is dormant.

In nature, all plants have actually a season whereby they room growing and also a season whereby they space dormant. Plants usage this dormant period to get in a state that metabolic inactivity and slow their development to maintain energy. This stage will continue until temperature rises, and also conditions are far better for fostering brand-new growth.

When we relocate plants indoors, we save them in ~ a consistent temperature and moisture level, yet we perform not negate their growing season. Most houseplants can sense the change in temperature, humidity, and also weather around them. Also indoors, they have actually a bicycle of farming seasons and also dormancy.

The growing season takes place throughout the warmest months of the year. Growing season is denoted through the last and first frosts of the year, and for most of united state occurs from feather to beforehand fall. Throughout this time, you will see faster development from your plant as it turns sunlight into energy much more quickly.

When your Money Tree is dormant, your care should it is in altered. That will usually need less water in the winter and shouldn’t it is in fertilized throughout this period. The is, however, the ideal time to do any type of structural pruning.

If friend haven’t noticed new growth on her Money Tree, it might be due to the fact that it is dormant. Don’t worry! the will begin growing again as soon as the days start to end up being longer, and also the temperatures heat up.

If you don’t think your Money Tree is dormant, there might be some other thing restricting its growth. Because that eight reasons why your Money Tree may not it is in growing, read this article.

Things Plants should Grow

Almost every plants need the exact same things come grow: water, carbon dioxide, sunlight, and also nutrients. Given these in the ideal amounts, your plant will be pleased and also will put out new growth for years to come.

Water and also sunlight are vital to photosynthesis, i m sorry is vital for any type of plant to live and also grow. Photosynthesis enables plants to transform carbon dioxide and also water into food because that themselves and also oxygen because that us.

Nutrients, such as potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, and also calcium, are likewise essential to plants. Prefer in humans and also animals, these nutrient encourage expansion and aid the plant fight turn off pests and also diseases. Too lot or too small can damage the plant and also prevent growth.

While tree can get sunlight and also water virtually for free, because that indoor plants, nutrients can be depleted indigenous the soil and should it is in replenished semi-frequently.

Money Trees require adequate room to grow. Gift confined come a small container will certainly limit the space that a plant’s roots have to expand, make it difficult for the plant to take up water and also nutrients native the soil. Running the end of room in the pot likewise tells the plant that there’s no much more space because that it to grow.

How to Make your Money Tree grow Bigger Faster

Now the we’ve obtained that the end of the way, let’s gain you what you came for. Below you’ll uncover the optimal nine tips that I usage to grow big Money Trees. Yet remember Money trees won’t like major changes to their regime or environment. Pick simply one or 2 of these tips and work on them, then give your Money Tree time to change before proceeding on.

Tip #1: offer Your Money Tree many Of Indirect Sunlight

Like most plants, Money Trees need sunlight to prosper properly. A happy Money Tree is one that has access to bright, indirect sunlight. Locations that have this type of light are typically near windows, however not up versus them.


A Money Tree put in straight sunlight will certainly not thrive. This plants don’t execute well in locations that have direct sunlight due to the fact that it deserve to actually burn the leaves, bring about them to rotate yellow or brown, and eventually loss off. This is dubbed leaf-scorch and also can seriously damage your plant and also stunt that growth.

Any stressful situation takes power from what your Money Tree might be using for new growth. Straight sunlight harms the leaves, and also plants that space less-than-healthy require much more energy to recover. Save your tree in one area out of the direct sun and also avoid the energy-suck from her plant.

Money Trees have the right to exist in spaces through low light – but they will certainly not grow to their complete potential in this conditions. For best results, location your Money Tree close to a bright, south-facing window, far enough earlier to protect its foliage indigenous the sun.

Tip #2: Water her Money Tree Properly

Watering behavior are insanely necessary when it comes to keeping plants alive. I would certainly say 90% of all houseplant problem come from improper watering habits. For this reason how can you prevent an uncomfortable outcome?

Only water her Money Tree once it needs it! You might think that ns am oversimplifying some complicated process, yet it yes, really is the easy. Too little water will stunt your plant’s growth, and also too much water will certainly kill it.

To examine if your Money Tree demands water, you’ll desire to keep an eye on the soil’s humidity level. Stick her finger into the top one to two inches of soil and also feel because that wetness. If the soil is dry, it’s time come water. If that is quiet damp, wait a couple of more days and check again.

If the assumed of knowing when to water her tree has actually you feeling stressed, take the guesswork out of the equation with a moisture meter. Moisture meters are small devices the are placed into a houseplant to give you precise read ~ above the level the water in the soil. If you have a humidity meter, water your Money Tree as the gauge starts to suggest to the dry side.

When the is time come water, perform so thoroughly. You’ll desire to water her Money Tree until about twenty percent that the water you placed in, operation out through the drainage hole in the bottom that the planter. This will certainly ensure the water has actually been may be to reach all locations in the soil and roots and will save your plant the happiest. Less frequent, thoroughly waterings are much far better for houseplants than shallow, regular waterings.

One final note top top watering: never ever let a Money Tree sit in standing water! Empty out the saucer beneath the plant if it has collected water. Too many wet soil leads to root rot, and root rot is negative news for Money Trees.

Tip #3: Water her Money Tree with Rainwater

Unless filtered, tap water often tends to carry heavy metals and also other contaminants. These things can damage the root of many plants, consisting of Money Trees. While that is no as quickly accessible, watering your Money Tree with rainwater will store it in ~ its healthiest.

If you have ever noticed a white, chalky ring roughly the pot that your tree is in, this is as result of calcium build-up, i beg your pardon is resulted in by making use of tap water. And while madness water won’t death your plant, this same build-up is most most likely in the pores of your plant.

The easy and complimentary fix for this is to collect rainwater! It have the right to be provided for most plants and also has naturally-occurring nutrients that are regularly filtered out in distilled water. This is perfect for your Money Tree because it eliminates the buildup that deserve to potentially stunt development while additionally introducing extra nutrients that encourage her plant to expand. For much more on the services of watering through rainwater, click here.

Depending on where you live, there might be some regional ordinances surrounding rainwater collection. Just to it is in safe, inspect out the legislations in her area prior to collecting rainwater.

Tip #4: Fertilize her Money Tree during The farming Season

Fertilization is vital for all plants and is specifically important when trying to thrive a big Money Tree. It’s also an easy method to ensure that your Money Tree is getting the nutrients needed to grow and also thrive.

Because Money Trees room dormant in the winter months, that is not the moment to fertilize. Castle won’t have the ability to absorb the nutrients readily, which can actually command to concerns with fertilizer burn.

Instead, Money Trees must be fertilized 2 to 3 times throughout the spring and also summer. However don’t overdo it and also fertilize as well much! excess fertilizer is harmful to houseplants.

To fertilize your Money Tree, dilute a fluid plant food to half strength and water her plant during its constant watering time. Store an eye on that for any signs of distress, including drooping or yellowing leaves.


If you notification yellowing or browning pipeline after fertilizing her Money Tree, take the plant to the sink or shower do the washing up the leftover fertilizer indigenous the soil. By running the water over her soil and permitting it to flow through the drainage hole, you will certainly flush the soil and also keep the damages from gaining worse.

For more of my references on fertilizing Money Trees, inspect out this article.

Tip #5: offer Your Money Tree Room to Grow

A significant part the encouraging a Money Tree to thrive is giving it the room to perform so. If your Money Tree’s roots don’t have actually room come expand, castle won’t be able to continue growing, and also eventually, her plant won’t grow at all. To avoid this, her Money Tree have to be repotted at the very least every 2 years, despite it may be needed once a year if its growth is significant.

When transplanting a houseplant, you have to ideally go up around one pot-size at a time. Any type of larger than that and your plant deserve to run right into problems. Planters that room too huge for a Money Tree will certainly take much longer to dried out in between waterings, and also having wet roots because that too long can cause root rot.

Your tree need to be replanted in early on spring, just before the farming season beginning so that it has actually plenty of nutrients and room to grow. Plus, update potting soil is great way to provide your Money Tree with added nutrients come encourage growth.

But it is in careful. Plants can experience shock from being replanted, therefore have whatever prepared in development and walk quickly. After ~ replanting, return your Money Tree to the spot it was initially in and watch it for indicators of distress, including drooping or yellowing leaves.

Tip #6: Prune her Money Tree Properly

This appears counterintuitive, yet when excellent properly, pruning have the right to actually encourage development in Money Trees. But before we get into it, there space two types of pruning, and it’s crucial to recognize the difference.

Maintenance pruning entails routinely cutting brand-new growth or little branches and also stems from your Money Tree. This pruning deserve to be done every year long and will encourage your Money Tree to emphasis on growing out fairly than up, creating a fuller appearance.

Structural pruning requires cutting the roots and also larger portions of the actual tree. Structural pruning must only be excellent in the winter, while the tree is dormant. For civilization interested in keeping a smaller sized Money Tree, this is a great way to keep the roots a reasonable size.


Regularly doing maintenance pruning, specifically in areas that friend would favor to encourage growth, can be a an excellent way to obtain a bigger Money Tree. When you remove a ar of the plant, it will complimentary up energy and also give your plant a boost. While it seems a little bit backward, removing undesirable branches and also leaves have the right to encourage new growth and also keep her tree spring tidy.

For more information ~ above pruning Money Trees, review this article.

Tip #7: boost the Humidity approximately Your Money Tree

Money Trees flourish in humidity as they are normally tropical plants. Low humidity levels have the right to actually store your Money Tree from growing. Remember, a stressed-out tree is one unhealthy tree. Anything that reasons your plant to have to change is taking energy away from brand-new growth.

If girlfriend live in an arid area, like the desert, or in specifically dry house, girlfriend should try to do accommodations for her Money Tree. Not sure around your humidity levels? A little hygrometer have the right to measure the loved one humidity in her home and also give friend a great idea of i m sorry rooms are finest for your Money Tree.

When it concerns raising the humidity in a room of her home, humidifiers room the best option. My large Money Tree sits beside a humidifier, and I could not think the development the included humidity make in the sheet of mine plant. Less than a mainly after placing the humidifier near my Money Tree, mine tree looked healthier than it had ever before been.


If you’re interested in humidifiers but don’t know where come start, I composed an post outlining which ones i use and why I chose them. For more information on the ideal humidifiers for Money Trees and also other houseplants, review this.

Money Trees likewise benefit from being misted and also showered. Misting is as simple as easy spritzing your Money Tree v room temperature water several times a week. Showering requires putting your Money Tree in the shower and also letting gentle, lukewarm water run over it for a little while. Showering gives humidity and water and additionally cleans the leaves, lot like rain would certainly in the wild.

Some rooms in her home, like kitchens, bathrooms, and also basements, will have higher humidity levels 보다 others and will be far better suited for your Money Tree. Measure up the humidity level in every room through a hygrometer and then relocate your plant to a much better space for higher humidity.

Tip #8: Stake her Money Tree when The Time Is Right

My Money Tree went with a middle-school-like-awkward-state about three or four years right into my owning it. The height it was getting to was outgrowing the structure of the initial braid, and also the thin trunks were having a difficult time sustaining the new growth of the tree.

I had already cut the tree ago a couple of times to aid the expansion spread out instead of up, yet I knew i did eventually want the tree to it is in a large, statement item in my living room.

I chose to put a stake (which in my instance was literally simply a dowel rod v bread ties) right into the soil and also secure mine Money Tree come it. I was worried that the plant would constantly need to be staked, however it didn’t. Eventually, the trunk bulked up and was maybe to support the load of the brand-new top-heavy growth.

After around a year, I removed the stake. When my tree made the over the hump, that hasn’t needed any type of assistance since. If you are worried that the brand-new growth on top of your Money Tree might reason your thin trunk to bending or snap, stake it up and assist it support its very own weight until it have the right to do for this reason on that own.

Tip #9: Invest In A thrive Light For her Money Tree

Grow lamp are fantastic choice because that anyone concerned around the lot of light your Money Tree is receiving. Indications that your tree isn’t getting sufficient light incorporate yellowing leaves and also a lack of growth.

Grow lamp are basic to set up, reasonably priced, and come in miscellaneous shapes and also sizes. Lot of what you require is dependence on your home and plants, so plan to perform your research.

If friend live in one area that doesn’t get much sunshine (especially during the winter) or in a residence with very little natural light, grow lights space fantastic. Lock mimic the light her plant would receive from the sun and can be adjusted to meet virtually any needs. If you’re interested in a thrive light, check out this short article for mine suggestions.


When you gain your flourish light, girlfriend shouldn’t placed the Money Tree directly beneath it, as it can burn the tree lot like straight sunlight. Placing your Money Tree in ~ a couple of feet the the lamp, which deserve to be positioned over plants that execute need straight light, is the best way to stop burning.

Grow lights should be left on because that 12-15 hrs to simulate sunlight, despite you have to be mindful of exactly how much light your plants need. The easiest way to regulate putting the irradiate on in ~ the appropriate times is to invest in a lamp timer.

These are an excellent for the winter months, when sunlight is limited, and are something to take into consideration if you have plants that struggle once the days obtain shorter.

A couple of Final thoughts to Consider

The most far-reaching factor in growing tall Money trees is time. The tree mine grandmother lugged me is probably ten years old now. Also though these trees grow reasonably quickly, especially contrasted to slow-growers choose my ZZs, reaching considerable heights bring away time.

If you desire a massively high Money Tree, you’ll want to acquisition one that currently has some elevation to it. Some Money Trees room pruned to stay small, make it lot more complicated to thrive tall. If the braided trunk of your Money Tree is only six or eight customs tall, friend may have a more tough time obtaining the tiny trunk to support a huge tree.

The stems of my high Money Tree was probably around two feet tall. But I’ve gradually unbraided many of it to let it reach and grow. Remember, though, I’ve had this plant for nearly ten years, for this reason this is no something that can take place overnight.

As with any kind of plant, getting enough light and also water deserve to make a vast difference in how quickly it grows. Be certain to check your Money Tree consistently for indications that that is unhappy, consisting of browning or yellowing leaves and also a wrinkled trunk. These have the right to be indications that one of these conditions isn’t right.

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Now you’ve gained the facts! take it what girlfriend learned and also choose a few of these advice to shot with your Money Tree. Experiment till you uncover something the is working for you, but remember: also much change isn’t an excellent for a Money Tree. Once it pertains to houseplants, slow and steady wins the race. Make any type of changes slowly and allow your plant time to change to its new care routine and environment.