hobbyist woodworker right here looking for proposal on developing a 6x6 short article out that 2x6s. I'm building a bed because that my wife and also I don't understand where to get untreated 6x6s. I recognize I can take 4, glue em up and shave it down a bit yet I don't need the strength. I'm thinking about ripping down the sides of each one in ~ 45 degrees and then gluing them the way. Any thoughts top top joints? Suggestions? Anyone excellent something prefer this?


construction grade wood is just 5.5 inches vast and 1.5 inchs special to make a 2x6. Structure a beam out of 2x6 will certainly take 4 boards. Friend will have to aircraft down the encounters to the allude of acquiring rid the the radius edges. This will eliminate a touch an ext then 1/8th each side. So now your plank is only 1.25 customs thick. V gluing up 4 planed down boards you will have 5 inch thick stock and 5.5 inch wide.. You will likely need to dress the sides too therefore be near 5.25 inches vast and 5 inch thick.

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So what you room looki g for is the dimension, not the strength? Is it pack bearing in ~ all? Or can you simply make a box beam?

Only pack is the bed + 2 people and 2 little people on part nights. Lol. I think a single 2x6 would host the load so the other 3 would be to look prefer a post.

I'm leaning towards 45 mitre cuts and also maybe a spline down each (so i don't need to use pins)

Call some timber yards or mills. They deserve to make tradition cuts if you desire to pay. I have actually 2 - 10' long red oak 6x6's right now still drying.

Doing this top top the cheap through yellow pine. Dubbed a few local places with no happy :/ big box stores only had actually treated.

6x6 is a large post for a bed. I'd "just" laminate climate joint/plane the square.

You'll need an ext clamps 보다 you think because that the glue-up. Every 12-16" if you desire to be certain that whatever is tight.

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You would need 6 2x4s to make a in the name 6x6. Your ideal bet to get dried dimensioned limber choose that would be a lumber salvager/restorer, lots of barn beams/columns to be made that timber


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