we live ~ above the windy good plains of Oklahoma. Our swimming pool cover blows up favor a parachute end the pool. The sheathe is fastened down v the steel cable and winch tightening an equipment as tight together it will certainly go.

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We have tried the swimming pool cover clips yet the wind pulls them off. Us have additionally tried to tie milk jugs to the grommets in the covering to load it down and the wind quiet blows underneath. We put water on optimal of the sheathe to organize it in place however the wind still gets under and blows that off. We have actually 2 the the 3 pillows still under the cover but learned they had actually to be tied down too.

Do you have actually a equipment to this problem? I discovered this concern asked in number of forums however there to be no replies or proposal given. Help, please.

Hi Crissie

Aside from placing a high fence approximately the swimming pool I would have actually no idea. I assumed the pool cover winch would save a sheathe on throughout the strongest winds. I"ve never had that difficulty anyway. Guess I have never lived where the wind yes, really blows. Hopefully someone who has actually mastered this trouble will usage the comments button and also share with every one of us. I"m sure you space not the only one through windy day pool cover problems.

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Sep 10, 2011
Pool Cover during Winter by: cotton I have actually a 30 ft round pool & that is daunting to keep the sheathe on a circumference this wide. Over the past 9 years, I"ve tried various approaches of maintaining the cover on throughout winter & wind. Here"s what I execute that works pretty well: install her winter pool cover with winch together usual. Drive number of stakes into the ground, or usage concrete blocks, then usage bungie straps to connect the stake or concrete block to grommets on the cover about every 15-20 feet or so. I additionally tie 2-3 plastic gallon milk jugs with each other filled 3/4 full of water, to clothesline rope, it is registered the other finish to concrete block laying outside the pool. Put the tied-together milk jugs within the swimming pool to save the cover weighed down.

Last yet not least, I have actually a 30 foot ratchet-style tie down that ns attach across the windy next of the pool. I perform all this things and keep an eye ~ above the cover every winter to ensure nothing come loose, and of course drainpipe water turn off the swimming pool periodically throughout, leaving a few inches ~ above the covering at all times. Hope this helps!

Sep 19, 2011
TIe it Down by: anonymous hi- us use metal dog stakes- lock look favor a large corkscrew with a triangle-shaped handle at the top: us screw 1 right into the ground near every pool cover grommet approx 3-4" away from pool and then usage a an excellent strong rope come tie to every stake. Even very solid winds have actually not removed the cover, back the cover has lost some stitching native the pressure. We live in CNY, wherein the temps go below zero and have blizzards regularly. We offered up top top hanging the plastic jugs to fill w/gravel, together the wind blew them up and smashed them and contents right into pool, awful opening, never ever again! good luck and also hope this helps, it works well because that us!

Apr 03, 2013
Best point I"ve ever done is usage stakes and also bungee cords by: Theresa This year i tried other new. I have actually a pool that is 1/2 deck 1/2 garden so the wind was always flapping under the cover and also making it fly off. This year I placed 15 corkscrew crest in the ground and I put bungee cords from the grommets in the cover to the stakes (I used brief cords native dollar general) ns pulled them a tiny tight however not as well tight. This has operated perfectly and I have not had any type of issues every winter. I obtained a bigger size tarp this time so that folds 1/2 way down the swimming pool so wind go not get under it. Email me at theresabaldwin
att.net if you desire pictures! This will certainly be a savior for you! that works!!!!

Apr 17, 2018
How to keep over ground cover down in public area by: Pfifer i live in a very windy area and also lots of trees. I have actually an 18 ft above ground pool. In the loss I placed the leaf cover on peak of mine winter cover (used a winter covering one dimension up native what is recommended), it keeps the winter sheathe from flying off and easier to gets rid of the pipeline that have fallen off.

I live in Canada therefore my swimming pool freezes over during the winter. The day before the temperature freezes (first snowfall), I add a little of water on top of the cover and I eliminate the leaf net. Execute not leaving the sheet net during the winter. Ns tighten the winter covering winch and also tuck in the sheathe up against the pool, behind and up the winch cable (between the pool and also the winch cable) all about the swimming pool to block the wind from going up under the cover.

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Once the water freezes on top, it keeps the wind indigenous blowing the swimming pool cover off. Last autumn I waited too long to take the leaf net off and also parts of the net froze top top the height of the cover. So i untightened the winch and threw the sheet net and also its winch on top of the winter cover, during the winter. The is now Spring (April) , I’ve to be draining the water together the ice melts ~ above the cover. The ice and also water are currently keeping the sheathe from paris off. The ice is nearly gone now, and also once the network is free, ns will put the it back on optimal ifbthe winter cover and also drain the water on height of the cover for this reason the wind doesn’t blow the covering off.

Now once I to be able to eliminate the net totally in the Fall, I merely store the in the shed during winter and also put it back on top of the winter covering in the Spring once I recognize there will certainly be no much more snow. It likewise catches the pipeline that loss in the Spring. It works really well.

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