Is your Insignia Fire TV going to sleep at the wrong minute ? space you can not to reap your shows once your Insignia Fire TV abruptly goes to auto sleep? carry out you want to solve this mess but can’t figure it out on your own? nothing worry, we have your earlier as we will go v a thorough step-by-step overview so you can disable this annoying feature. 

Amazon presented Fire rod Tv together a way to make any regular TV a clever TV. Clever TVs were reasonably quite expensive for a lengthy time, and also this to be a godsend for most people who couldn’t afford the few extra hundreds bucks. V the inclusion of Amazon Prime, Amazon’s streaming service, that quickly ended up being a must-buy item. 

Insignia TV brand started integrating Amazon Fire rod TV as its base smart TV operating system. Amazon Fire pole loyalists now had an alternative where second purchase of an Amazon Fire stick TV was no needed. Therefore, this to be a welcome readjust as clever TV prices had started to drop and also became more widespread.

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What Is Auto Sleep on Insignia Fire TV?


You should very first download AdbLink for android on your laptop. AdbLink provides accessibility between any Android an equipment and your laptop. Together Amazon’s Fire TV OS is based on Android, that should have actually no trouble connecting and running your Insignia Fire TV. In addition, it also supports Linux Kodi extensions if girlfriend are familiar with the system.

When AdbLink is downloaded and installed, open up it on your laptop. Pick the “New” switch and kind in her Insignia Fire TV’s name. In the deal with tab get in the IP attend to that you provided down earlier. Click on Save and also then click Connect.

You must now view your device’s IP in the connected slot. If you have actually trouble connecting to AdbLink, shot toggling ‘ADB Debugging on/off a couple of times. As soon as you room connected:

click the energy bar and select the “Set Timer” option. A brand-new window will certainly pop increase with different time setups for you to adjust. You have the right to do this manually or if you need a quick fix, choose “Sleep off”, and “Screensaver off.”

your Insignia Fire TV will now eliminate any kind of auto sleep worries as you have actually disabled that completely.

Install a third Party App

Sideloading is installation third-party apps to tools that carry out not have them available to download. Here we must sideload the continue to be Alive application into your Insignia Fire TV. Firstly, download the APK because that this 3rd party app here on her laptop. 

Use the method noted in the previous ar to download and also install AdbLink.

Open AdbLink and select the “Install APK” option. Select the continue to be Alive APK the you downloaded and install it. When installed, a pop-up will confirm the it was installed correctly. The stay Alive app will currently be in the app library of her Insignia Fire TV. Open up the remain Alive application to customize auto sleep.

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This an approach is quite similar to the previous one. However, remain Alive functions in most cases whereas the previous fails because of being more focused and hands-on.

Final Thoughts

These two approaches should fix your auto sleep issue, removed the stroked nerves ordeal the booting up repeatedly. Us hope this guide helped you and be certain to inspect our guides because that  Amazon Prime video clip Error 1061 and also Netflix Error cm 12646 here. Happy viewing!