Even once you feel favor you have actually mastered the arts of make friendship bracelets, periodically that high level that finesse is halted by issues with the friendship bracelet, especially the bracelet twisting, but just because this wake up doesn’t mean that you should provide up top top this craft.

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In this article, fine share v you part tips and also tricks to help you exercise the problem that comes v the friendship bracelet twisting. So, keep analysis to find out more.

Why is mine friendship bracelet twisting?

Friendship Bracelet top top Amazon-Please Click the photo to check the PriceThe biggest reason why your friendship bracelet twists is the you are doing/ making two knots at the same time. Note, however, that this is the most typical problem when making friendship bracelets. It’s likewise important to note that you have to make dual knots all the time. The double knots are also important to protect against the curling of the friendship bracelet.But this is not the just problem. You can also shot to review how you perform the forward and the backward knots. Girlfriend will notice that doing this is producing the twin knot, and this is what will prevent the friendship bracelet indigenous twisting.The knots can be as well tight. This is the other reason why your friendship bracelet is twisting or curling. As soon as making a friendship bracelet, it is crucial for you come remember that the knots require some room come flex for them to preserve a straightened-out look at in the lengthy run. So, if you keep knotting your knots also tight, castle will save twisting. Prevent this native happening by not going too hard on the friendship bracelet once you’re make the backward and the forward knots.

The twisting is also an extremely common through the striped bracelets, or if your bracelet has actually too plenty of knots, all room going in one direction. You’d have to make her knots looser while keeping the rest of the bracelet you room working on straight.

How to attend to your twisted friendship bracelet

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Learn just how to make the double twist correctly (both forward and also backward)

The twin knot is critical part of friendship bracelet making, and also it walk not simply prevent twisting, however it will likewise stop curling. But to make the double twist which is the forward and the backward twist, you have to do it right.

To do the forward knot, you want to begin with the thread sitting to her left side. Lay down this thread end the subject on the ideal to do the number 4, climate loop the left subject under the right one and then pull it upwards. Repeat this to complete the knot – this means that the left object goes to the right, and you do the knot.

And to make the backward knot, you’d begin with the appropriate thread then move to the left thread. Put the right thread on her left object the loop it under the left thread, and also pull that upwards. Don’t forget to complete the knot by interchanging the threads and moving the right to the left one.

Next, you must learn exactly how to make the FB and the BF Knots

Forward-to-Backward node (FB Knot)

To make this knot, you need to start v the thread’s an initial loop of her forward knot and the end of the behind knot. So, the thread located on your left continues to be there while you complete the knot.

Backward-to-Forward knot (BW Knot)

This is the opposite knot to the FB knot, beginning with the back/ behind knot, adhered to by the forward knot. This will have the thread on her right staying on your appropriate side.

Friendship Bracelet on Amazon-Please Click the photo to check the PriceBe gentle

Everyone else will certainly make it look an extremely easy, and you might be disappointed in yourself for not gaining it ideal the first couple of times.

But favor all other species of art, you have to be extra gentle v yourself when making friendship bracelets.

You will fail at it a number of times then starting, and also you may an alert twisting also after month of trying, yet you do not do it be too tough on yourself; simply take her time.

Knot the bracelet gently and also not too tightly

Don’t be too aggressive or tight the threads too tightly because the bracelet will save twisting if you do. Offer the bracelet part room because that flexing to store the arm bands straighter in the long run. You could likewise run your fingers with the threads gently then straighten them.

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Other tips for making friendship arm bands to for sure the finest outcome

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Always keep or use a an ext consistent level of tension when taking care of the threads. While the a issue of preference once it pertains to how loosened or chop the bracelet is, use just the ideal amount of tension to the threads.Always leave around 6 inches of the thread for braidsThe longer or facility the trends of the bracelet, the bigger the volume of subject you will certainly need. The the very least amount the thread girlfriend will need is 60 inches in ~ the really least, return you will certainly need longer strands.Take her time, and do not be frustrated about the twists and also the curlsTake out the knots as soon as you an alert the mistake do in the knots or your techniqueExperiment through colors and knots to develop masterpiecesBe ready to start over, as plenty of times as possibleDon’t forget to have fun!


If you are making friendship bracelets, girlfriend will challenge numerous challenges, and also twisting is just one of the challenges you will certainly face. Monitor the tips above to make her next ideal friendship bracelet the next finest thing.