Like countless sea dwelling echinoderms, starfish have end up being a prized item among people visiting the beach. Unfortunately, once starfish have not completed your decomposition process, they can emit one unwelcome aroma.

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It might seem prefer the starfish stink will never go away, as it needs time and also treatment to effectively neutralize the odor. By following the below tips, girlfriend will increase your odds of eliminating her starfishy funk.

Soaking Tips

Soaking a starfish before drying helps in neutralizing lot of the decomposition odors. Drying the starfish without very first soaking it will result in a worse odor-filled dry process.

1 Baking Soda

Soak starfish within a mixture that baking soda and also water because that 48 hours. Once Starfish has completely absorbed mixture, much of the odor will be neutralized and it will certainly be all set for drying.

2 Bleach

Place in a equipment of bleach and also water for 24 hours. After a complete day the soaking, much of the odor will certainly be removed, leaving the starfish all set to dry.

3 cook in Alcohol

Place starfish within a cook pot the alcohol and also water in equal parts. Let starfish sit for a minimum of another 60 minutes before removing come dry.

4 Soak in Alcohol

A water and also alcohol equipment works an excellent at neutralizing lot of the remaining odor. After letting the Starfish soak for 24 hours, it will certainly be all set for drying.

5 new Water

This is the appropriate solution if you great to walk chemical-free. Letting the Starfish soak in fresh water straightens the foot out and also prepare it because that drying. Ideally, permit starfish soak because that 24-48 hours within new water prior to placing it the end to dry.

Drying Tips

Once you have neutralized much of the rotting smells within the starfish, you should then lay the starfish out to dry. The adhering to tips will certainly ensure that it is dried with directly arms and free of odors.

1 Weigh down Corners

It is basic to forget come weigh down the corners throughout the dry process. However, when this is no performed it can have nasty aftermath when the starfish legs start curling up. Use little weights at the end of the eight to ensure that this does no happen.

2 Cardboard + Pins

A sure-fire different to weights is by pinning the starfish top top a piece of cardboard. Ar the starfish on top of the cardboard, and strategically location pins through the arms and also into the below cardboard. This will ensure that no arm curling wake up so that the starfish maintains it’s initial structure.

3 Dry much Away

Many world seem to underestimate the foul stink of starfish throughout their dry process. Hence it is really important to place them in ~ high, hard-to-reach corners the the exterior of your house. Placing castle atop the garage roof is a common spot as this location provides a dry, sunny, remote location for castle to do their last transformation.

4 keep Clear that Dogs

Our canine companions seem to love these sea populated echinoderms. The much more that lock smell, the higher the allure that they possess. While drying, take extra precaution to place the starfish in a ar out of her dog’s reach. If your dog does gain hold the it, it will smell double as negative when the throws it ago up.

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5 walk Small

The smaller sized the starfish, the less time it will take to eliminate odor. By only selecting little starfish, you will minimize the require for a long-lasting smell removal process.