In order come truly finish the game, you"ll should explore all of the Sevii Islands. Come begin, go talk to Celio, Bill"sfriend on One Island. To acquire there, take it the Ferry native Vermilion City. If girlfriend forgot, Celio"s in the Pokemon Center.Celio asks girlfriend to aid him uncover a gem that"ll make his Pokemon trading device work. Go to Mt. Ember to find the gem.

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In find of the Gem

Go come Mt. Ember, and also go ideal after going up the stairs. You"ll uncover twoRocket members talking to every other around the secret passwords ("Goldeen require log"), impede an entrance. Go up to them and battle both that them. They"ll leaveafter you defeat them. Go within the cave and follow the path. You"ll go with a boulder puzzle, and then with a fork in the road. Take it thesouth road; the other road takes girlfriend out. The next room is full of Braille messages. Walk on to the following room.

Pick up the Ruby in the facility of the room. Leave Mt. Ember, and go ago to Celio. Hand the the Ruby, and he"ll desire you to go onto one more mission.You"ll hand him her Tri-Pass, and also he"ll offer you the Rainbow Pass, provided for exploring the rest of the islands. Currently take the Ferry to 4 Island.

Four Island

Once you come at four Island, also known together Floe Island, Gary will an initial come to talk toyou. First, go north a bit and break the rock. Store going north because that a Star Piece. Return to where you were and also go come the home next to the PokeMart. Talk to the person inside, and he"ll apply a room of call Sticker to her Trainer"s Card. In the upper-right hand edge of the island is a residence with a move Tutor inside. The teaches body Slam. Alongside that residence is the Day-Care Center. Leave your Pokemon right here to let them breed or raise their levels. Next, girlfriend surf throughout the pondfor a Stardust, and then surf come the various other side to enter the Icefall Cave.

Locations (Four Island)

Icefall Cave

Once you"re in Icefall Cave, surf across the water and go deeper. In this room,you"ll find a puzzle with plenty of blue ice tiles. Lock are just thin pieces of ice the crack the very first time you step on it, and break the second time. This is a fairlyeasy puzzle. You desire to get to the bottom-right corner of this room, where you"ll uncover HM07 - Waterfall. You desire to autumn through certain holes to obtain to the HM, and after some trial and also error, you"ll acquire to it.

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After obtaining the HM, teach it come a Pokemon, leave this room and also go up the waterfall. Walk up the ladder, into the entrance, and also you"ll find Lorelei defending the Pokemonof this cave from Team Rocket. She"ll then traction you right into the argument, and you"ll have to fight a Rocket member. ~ the battle, the Rocket member tells you thatthey"ve retained the steal Pokemon in the Rocket Warehouse on five Island. The Rocket Warehouse requires two passwords, and also you only have actually one native eavesdropping ~ above twoprevious Rockets. Rather of going to 5 Island now, you"ll need to first go to 6 Island to discover out the other password.