Clear braces are wonderful way come straighten teeth and as lengthy as they continue to be clean, they must remain clear. Discovering that, patients frequently ask us exactly how they deserve to tell if miscellaneous is going to stain their braces. One point to think about is that if eating or drink something creates a stain ~ above the tongue, the could also be staining the teeth. Because that example, if the blue slushy from 7-11 is going to rotate the tongue blue, it deserve to turn the clear braces blue as well. Likewise, if something very clearly has heavy food coloring, the is most likely to stain the braces.

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There are also particular foods that need to be avoided due to the fact that of your staining properties. These include:

MustardSoy sauceTomato sauceBlueberriesRaspberriesCake frostingColored candies

It is likewise wise to avoid drinking coffee, tea or red wine together they are recognized to stain teeth.

Avoidance is not constantly enough

Avoiding call with food and also drinks the stain the this is the very first step. However, avoidance is not constantly enough. The is additionally important to eliminate food particles and also any staining agents native the teeth and braces as conveniently as possible. This have the right to be excellent by law the following:

1. Rinse through water after eat or drinking

This is just one of the easiest ways to eliminate food particles once on the go.

2. Brush teeth v whitening toothpaste

Brush teeth after every snack or enjoy the meal to avoid stains and also use a whitening toothpaste if possible.

3. Usage a WaterPik

Food can come to be trapped in between the brackets and wires. Together it go it can lead to yellowing and likewise put teeth at danger for decay. It have the right to be complicated to floss teeth and also clean every these locations when wearing braces, using a WaterPik can aid to eliminate particles from difficult to reach areas. This should be done at least once a day.

Removing stains from clear braces

If the braces come to be stained, there room still points that can be done. If the stains are on the rubber bands that are provided to host the wires in place, these rubber bands space going come be changed at many orthodontic appointments anyway. The is the great news. Also, the wires deserve to be re-used due to the fact that they do not stain in ~ all.

If the ceramic braces and bonding material end up being stained, it might be vital for the orthodontist to use professional grade whitening solution. This can help to eliminate stains just like it would from the teeth. How effective it will be is going to rely on the level the staining but it is certainly worth a try, andshould do an impact fairly quickly. The is important to perform this in ~ the orthodontist office rather of trying come whiten teeth and also braces at home.

Consider Invisalign® instead

Anyone that is overly concerned about clear braces coming to be stained should take into consideration wearing clear aligners instead. These aligners room made that a long lasting plastic the is virtually invisible. They are designed come come out as soon as eating or drink so over there is no possibility of them becoming stained. Plus, every aligner is only worn for roughly two weeks before it is replaced with the next one in the series. This ensures the the aligners remain clear and also virtually invisible throughout the whole orthodontic treatment.

Learn an ext about the options

To uncover out more about clear braces and also how to treatment for castle or other aligners, call to schedule an appointment through our office.

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