This page is an experienced guide on getting rid that Waterbugs from her pool utilizing the products and methods argued by our knowledgeable pest control specialists. Follow this guide and also use the recommended products and we insurance you will certainly be successful in eliminating Waterbugs.

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A swimming swimming pool is a fun deluxe to have however it comes with a large price that maintenance. Aside from regularly cleaning the pool so it doesn"t develop algae and accumulate filth, some of the biggest difficulties that homeowners frequently encounter by having actually a swim pool space Waterbugs.

While the American Cockroach is nicknamed the "waterbug", the ones we will talk around in this overview are Waterbugs that generally infest pools such as the Water Boatman and also the Backswimmer.

Under the right conditions, this water-loving pests can produce a sizable invasion that will make girlfriend not desire to swim for a while.

If you have actually been encountering Waterbugs in her pool, this overview can help. Check out on to uncover out much more about Waterbugs and also how you can treat this class of pest and also prevent castle from acquisition over her pool.



There space two main species of Waterbugs the you can acquire in your pool: Water Boatman and Backswimmers. They look a many alike due to the fact that they room both indigenous theHemiptera group of insects.

Water Boatman are oval-shaped bugs the are fifty percent of an customs long and are generally brown or brownish through a tinge of green.They have 4 legs with their back legs being much longer than their front legs. The back legs have actually fringed hairs the make it simple for them come float and paddle approximately on the water surface.Water Boatman also have wings which they use to paris around. They don"t bite and like come eat mosquitoes and also algae.Backswimmers have a comparable body type of Water boatman but are lighter in color, have longer legs, and swim upside under on their backs.Unlike Water Boatman, the Backswimmer will certainly bite if you get to close. The pain level is on par through a mosquito bite or bee sting.Backswimmers often are a by-product of having Water Boatman due to the fact that they room predators that Water Boatman bugs.

Use the images and also description above to aid you to properly determine the particular Waterbug difficulty you space dealing with. If you room not entirely sure, call us and we will help you with proper identification.



The inspection process should be quite easy as waterbugs will nearly exclusively be present because of the attraction to your pool. In this phase, you must observe where they room concentrate and how severe of a trouble you have.

Where to Inspect

Walk around and also closely examine your pool. Likely there is algae present even if your pool isn"t visibly green yet as Waterbugs like the Water Boatman wouldn"t be approximately if there was no algae. The is their main resource of food and they prefer to lay egg on algae.

What come Look For

You"re trying to find Waterbugs themselves. They should be rather easy to find as they will be floating ~ above the surface of the pool.


Getting rid of Waterbugs is fairly a simple process because friend mainly have actually to eliminate the algae that is accumulating in her pool. Once algae is not around, waterbugs will simply fly away. Usage an algaecide meant for pools and then save up with consistent cleaning of your pool. For an extra measure to store waterbugs indigenous seeking your pool, use Reclaim the Insecticide around your yard, being mindful not to use the product straight to the pool.

Remember that you need to read all the product labels and follow the applications instructions on these labels, and stay safe by wearing personal protective devices (PPE).

Step 1 - Skim and also Vacuum visible Bugs the end Of your Pool

Using a pool skimmer, eliminate visible bugs out of the pool. Be cautious when law this though as both Water Boatmans and Backswimmers might start to fly out to escape as shortly as they have actually been scooped out of the pool.

After the waterbugs have been removed, manually usage a vacuum to remove sediment and debris from the pool and possibly any type of eggs the waterbugs have laid.

Step 2 - use an Algaecide

As you would certainly weekly come clean the pool, apply calcium hypochlorite to kill any type of algae left in the swimming pool that would lure waterbugs. Usage the manufacturer brand of the pool chemical because that specifics on exactly how much girlfriend will require to use to her pool. You might need come up the dosage much more than typical if you were seeing a lot of waterbugs or if her water has turned visibly green.

24 hours after shocking her pool with chlorine, usage a pool test kit to make certain your pool has the proper balance that chlorine and also alkaline to do it for sure for swimming.

Step 3 - Spray Reclaim IT


Reclaim the is a broad-spectrum insecticide the is labeled for treating over 70 various pests consisting of Waterbugs. It also has a lengthy residual effect that proceeds to death for as much as 90 job after application. Waterbugs that might be hovering around your swimming pool won"t anymore after applying this pesticide in your yard.

To apply Reclaim IT, just mix water in a hand pump or hose-end sprayer then include Reclaim IT at a price of 1 oz per gallon to cover 1,000 sq. Ft. Measure the square footage of her lawn come determine exactly how much Reclaim it you should cover the whole area. Shiver well and pump your sprayer.

Focus your Reclaim IT therapy on the landscaping and also rocks, making sure to save applications at the very least 5 feet away from the swimming pool perimeter. This is come ensure the the chemical doesn"t obtain into the filters, drains or skimmers. Usage a fan spray setup to acquire nice uniform coverage.



After the Waterbugs have actually been gotten rid of from her yard, you will need to make the pest continues to be away and also doesn’t return.Here are some preventative actions you can use to protect your pool:

Maintain the appropriate chemistry levels because that your pool so birds doesn"t develop. usage chlorination at least twice a week especially if the pool is used much more frequently. A shock therapy includes adding larger volumes of chlorine to the pool and stirring it come dissolve completely. This possibly is an ext effective than simply adding little amounts and also letting it dissolve naturally. The ideal time to include chlorine come the swimming pool is in the evening and also leave it come dissolve overnight.

Skim your pool every day.Use your skimmerto remove dead bugs algae spores that may have actually come into your swimming pool so they don"t bloom.

Cover your pool when it is no in use.This will keep everything out and also not allow algae or the bugs the love them to sneak into your pool.

Turn turn off Poolside Lighting.Most Waterbugs and also bugs, in general, space attracted come lighting. Lights must not be command at the pool straight to protect against attracting an ext bugs. Also, girlfriend can obtain ultraviolet an insect zappers to attract and also kill bugs there is no making a huge mess.

Mow her yard short.Keep vegetation approximately the pool to a minimum, as these provide potential breeding spots because that bugs to lay their eggs. Trim the leaves and also grass around the pool.

Key Takeaways

What are Waterbugs?

Waterbugs (namely Water Boatman and Backswimmers) are pesky nuisances that like to invade pools once there is algae present.

How To remove Waterbugs In your Pool

By utilizing an approved algaecide in her pool and applying Reclaim that strategically approximately your yard, girlfriend can remove Waterbugs and keep them indigenous returning.

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Preventing Waterbug Reinfestation

Prevent future Waterbug infestations by keeping a continual pool cleaning schedule, mowing your yard short, covering your pool once its not in use and also reducing poolside lighting.