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class level placement tests? (child, students, high school, teach)
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hi mii surname chastille ns was organized i the very first grade 1 i just want to get in mii best gade will someone assist me please

If you to be held back it to be for a reason. And also that means you space in the grade you room "supposed" to be in.

We just moved below to NC from Washington and also we are attending UC schools. It turns out my DH is act awesome, ns was simply worried since the quality of the college she was in previously. Appears the only troubles we are having actually is the typical 5th grade girl drama! lolThank you every for your input!
My daughter is at this time in the fifth grade and doing well. HOWEVER, I"ve constantly questioned the top quality of the school. Us are obtaining ready come re-locate to another state. Mine husband and I have been wondering if there is a location test that our daughter can take come ensure is is truly at grade level. Has actually anyone heard the one?
I"d gain her tested for exactly how she ranks amongst kids in the US. I offered to live in Arkansas, and while ns was high top top the Arkansas scale, i was reduced on the united state scale, since I didn"t attend a good public school
im in the 5th grade and suppose to be in the 7th going come the eight and i desire to recognize if acquisition a test would assist me gain in my appropriate grade??????????
Taking a test will certainly only help if you have the right to do the material you must do for the grade. Friend can, if her parents space willing, take it the location tests for the k-12 digital school and see whereby you stand. You can print out placement tests because that the grade you space in and keep going until you struggle the class you would not pass into. The institution district would certainly not have to accept these tests though. The would count on how they check out things.K12: Homeschooling - virtual Public, private & Elementary school that offers exceptional digital Learning

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hi ive been homeschooled and i desire to go to public school my junior and senior years of high school. Ive fallen behind since of some significant family problems that unfortunately driven my education and learning to the earlier burner but i carry out not desire to have to redo sophomore year. Im a good student, i always got yes, really high scores on my sats and i know i will capture up quickly, my concern is if i enroll or whatever will i need to take a location test? if so can someone help me, maybe direct me come a sight that tells me what i need to recognize to not get put a class behind?? im just behind top top the curriculum and also i dont have actually time to catch up in the publications as institution starts in prefer 2 weeks. Im just afraid to try and acquire into school and also have to take it a test the tells me im not smart enough to be a junior. I am ready to job-related really tough i just dont recognize what im claimed to do. Any aid would be significantly appreciated! im stressing! ns live in california by the way