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Call that Duty: black color Ops is the seventh rate in the Call that Duty first-person shooter series. It features two mystery games and dozens of success to unlock in enhancement to cheat codes. We'll call you how to uncover them below.


These cheats apply to the Xbox 360 version of contact of Duty: black Ops.There are also cheats for speak to of Duty: black Ops on game stations 3.

contact of Duty: black Ops Cheat password

While top top the key Menu, press Left create + right Trigger top top the controller repetitively to break free of your interrogation chair and also stand up. To walk behind your immediate area and accessibility the CIA computer system to get in one of the adhering to codes:

Unlock Dead Ops ArcadeDOA
Unlock the Alicia online assistantALICIA
List all mechanism commandsHELP
View CIA emailsMAIL
List all audio files and picturesDIR
Open a record to check out itCAT filename
Unlock all intel (disables the Closer evaluation achievement)3ARC INTEL
Unlock Zork: The great Underground EmpireZORK
Unlock whatever (mission select, Presidential Zombie mode, Dead Ops Arcade game, and Zork: The good Underground Empire text-based adventure game)3ARC UNLOCK

Alicia AI

Alicia AI is based upon ELIZA, a real-life early synthetic intelligence program built to engage in conversations through humans. You can talk come her around anything friend want, so enjoy exploring with this fascinating Easter egg.

Presidential Zombie mode

Beat the game on any an obstacle or go into the 3ARC UNLOCK code above to unlock a an enig map where you'll accomplish some acquainted faces.

Dead Ops Arcade

Dead Ops Arcade is a mini-game motivated by the arcade classic Smash TV. Use the left analog stick come walk and also use the appropriate analog-stick to turn your gun.

Zork: The good Underground empire

Zork is a text-based adventure video game originally exit in 1980. It"s basically a choose-your-own-adventure story, for this reason you"ll figure out exactly how to progress through trial and error. Beat on the CIA computer using the in-game keyboard, or affix a USB key-board to her Xbox 360 and play that way.

how to accessibility the Dreamland Server

Enter RLOGIN DREAMLAND into the CIA computer system to accessibility the private server that the Majestic 12. Log in in with any kind of of the following credentials to see each member's files.

CharacterUser NamePassword
Dr. Vannevarvbushmajestic1
T. Walkertwalkerthanksdad
Dr. Robert Oppenheimerroppentrinity

CIA computer system Login Credentials

Enter RLOGIN into the CIA computer, then use the following login credentials to accessibility each user's files.

CharacterUser NamePassword
Adrienne Smithasmithroxy
Alex Mason (default)amasonpassword
Bruce Harrisbharrisgoskins
D. Kingdkingmfk
Frank Woodsfwoodsphilly
Grigori "Greg" Weavergweavergedeon
J. TurnerJturnercondor75
Jason Hudsonjhudsonbryant1950
John McConejmcconeberkley22
Joseph Bowmanjbowmanuwd
John F. Kennedyjfkennedylancer
Lyndon B. Johnsonlbjohnsonladybird
Richard Nixonrnixoncheckers
Richard Helmsrhelmslerosey
Richard Kainrkainsunwu
Ryan Jacksonrjacksonsaintbridget
T. Walkertwalkerradi0
Terrance Brookstbrookslauren
Vannevar Bushvbushmanhattan
William Rabornwrabornbromlow


These are every one of the accomplishments of the key game. There are extra success for the can be downloaded content.

AchievementGamerscore PointsHow to Unlock
Death to Dictators15 pointsTake under Castro with a headshot.
Sacrifice10 pointsEnsure her squad escapes safely indigenous Cuba.
Vehicular Slaughter25 pointsDestroy all enemies on vehicles throughout the jail break.
Slingshot Kid15 pointsDestroy every slingshot targets in 3 attempts.
Give Me Liberty10 pointsEscape Vorkuta.
VIP10 pointsReceive orders from Lancer.
A more secure Place10 pointsSabotage the Soviet room program.
Tough Economy15 pointsUse no more than 6 TOW guided missiles to damage the tanks in the defense of Khe Sanh.
Looks Don't Count10 pointsBreak the siege in the battle of Khe Sanh.
Raining Pain15 pointsRack up a body counting of 20 NVA using air support in Hue City.
The Dragon Within15 pointsKill 10 NVA through Dragon's Breath rounds.
SOG Rules10 pointsRetrieve the dossier and also the defector indigenous Hue City.
Heavy Hand15 pointsUse the Grim reaping machine to damage the MG emplacement.
Up Close and also Personal15 pointsSilently take the end 3 VC.
Double Trouble10 pointsUse only twin wield weapons to escape Kowloon.
Broken English10 pointsEscape Kowloon.
Lord Nelson25 pointsDestroy every targets and structures if making your method up the river.
Never gain Off the Boat10 pointsFind the Soviet link in Laos.
Pathfinder50 pointsGuide the squad through the Soviet station without them obtaining killed.
Mr. Black OP50 pointsEnter the Soviet relay station undetected.
With excessive Prejudice25 pointsGet to the POW compound in the Hind using just rockets.
Russian Bar-B-Q15 pointsIncinerate 10 adversaries with the flamethrower attachment in the POW compound.
Light Foot30 pointsEscape the ship v 2:15 left on the timer in Veteran.
Some Wounds never ever Heal10 pointsEscape the Past.
I dislike Monkeys15 pointsKill 7 chimpanzees in under 10 seconds in the rebirth labs.
No Leaks50 pointsMake it through the NOVA 6 gas without dice on rebirth Island.
Clarity10 pointsCrack the code.
Double Whammy15 pointsDestroy both helicopters v one Valkyrie rocket indigenous the deck the the ship.
Stand Down35 pointsComplete the campaign on any difficulty.
BLACK OP MASTER100 pointsComplete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty.
Frag Master15 pointsKill 5 opponents with a single frag grenade in the campaign.
Sally Likes Blood15 pointsDemonstrate killer economic sensibilities through taking down 3 adversaries with a single bullet.
Unconventional Warfare15 pointsUse the explosive bolts to death 30 adversaries in the campaign.
Cold Warrior25 pointsComplete procedure 40, Vorkuta, and Executive order on Veteran difficulty.
Down and Dirty25 pointsComplete SOG and also The Defector on Veteran difficulty.
It's her Funeral25 pointsComplete Numbers, job Nova, and also Victor Charlie on Veteran difficulty.
Not Today25 pointsComplete Crash Site, WMD, and Payback on Veteran difficulty.
Burn Notice25 pointsComplete Rebirth and Redemption top top Veteran difficulty.
Closer Analysis5 pointsFind all the hidden intel.
Date Night15 pointsWatch a film or clip through a friend.
In The Money20 pointsFinish 5 Wager Matches "in the money."
Ready because that Deployment15 pointsReach rank 10 in Combat Training.
The Collector20 pointsBuy every weapon turn off the wall surfaces in a single Zombies game.
Hands turn off the Merchandise20 pointsKill the Pentagon thief prior to it can steal her load-out.
Sacrificial Lamb15 pointsShoot in ~ or be shot by one ally v a Pack-a-Punch crossbow and kill 6 zombies through the explosion.
"Insert Coin"5 pointsAccess the terminal and battle the pressures of the Cosmic Silverback in Dead Ops Arcade.
Easy Rhino10 pointsIn Dead Ops Arcade, usage a Speed rise to blast v 20 or more enemies at one time.
See Me, Stab Me, heal Me15 pointsFire a Pack-a-Punched Ballistic Knife in ~ a downed allied to recreation them native a distance.
Just asking Me Nicely15 pointsBreak complimentary from the torture chair.

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Eaten through a Grue15 pointsPlay Zork on the terminal.