The technical definition of P0038 code is: Oxygen Sensor Heater control Circuit High in bank 1 Sensor 2

The meaning of the P0038 OBD2 Trouble password is a mouthful, however basically the ECM is detecting a problem in the heating circuit in O2 sensor #2. This O2 sensor is located downstream or ~ the catalytic converter. This usually way you gotta wiring issue. 

With the being said, the code describes a fault or trouble in the heating control circuits that the O2 sensor. This code is closely related to P0037 i beg your pardon is one error resulted in by a low circuit. Top top the other hand, P0038 is a circuit high input code. Take note that most problems associated with high input codes are associated to too much voltages in the mechanism or faulty alternators.

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This is the reason why this DTC need to be tackled by a skilled mechanic. In many cases, the examine engine irradiate is triggered by the O2 sensor early to brief circuits in the auto charging system.

CarsNToys go a good video top top troubleshooting this share DTC top top a 2010 Subaru:

What room the reasons of P0038 code?

Most the the time, the difficulty has nothing to perform with broken or faulty boil oxygen sensors. The P0038 code is most likely caused by faulty or charred wiring, which has nothing to carry out with the sensor every se. Since the O2 sensor and also related wiring are situated close come the exhaust, that is not uncommon for the wiring come burn or wear out, most particularly on larger vehicles.

Bad wiring and bad ground relations can reason a range of short circuits in the system, which will additionally trigger the examine engine light. And in part cases, blown fuses in the heater control circuit room the main reasons of a P0038 trouble code.


What space the symptoms of P0038 code?

The symptom will vary wildly. Part vehicles will have a affluent running problem while some might constantly operation lean. The P0038 code also means reduced engine power and also rough idling. It is not unusual to check out black acting in the tailpipe in addition to the presence of a examine engine light.

DTCs prefer P0038, P0037, P0031 are often seen together when you’re having O2 sensor issues. You might see one or multiple at the very same time.

Hard beginning is likewise a usual symptom the the DTC. Yet in the lack of engine and also idling issues, the first thing friend might notification is reduced fuel economy and a examine engine light. If you an alert problems through the exhaust mechanism (such together unnecessary exhaust noise), that can additionally cause the P0038 OBD2 password to popular music up ~ scanning the CPU.

How lot does it cost to resolve P0038 code?

It’s difficult to say till a suitable diagnosis is made. Since the P0038 OBD2 problem Codecan be caused by many issues, the estimated price to resolve the problem will run everywhere from $20 to $150, however this all counts on the make and also model of your vehicle.

The worst situation scenario is instead of the O2 sensor, i beg your pardon will price from $20 to $50 each.

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You deserve to expect come pay much less if the inspect engine password is caused by a straightforward wiring issue.