How come Fix charred Hair Smell…You’re probably reading this title and thinking, just wash your hair.

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If so, you clearly haven’t skilled this problem.

Because, if you had, you’d recognize that her hair stank is in ~ it’s worst when it’s wet.

I ideal describe the smell as, “A wet dog ~ above fire.” that is the most accurate description of the smell I’ve been having whenever i shower.



Who wouldn’t want this smell adhering to them around all day, every day?

I tried everything in the books to eliminate this stank nastiness on mine head.

Finally, I took to Instagram Stories and also asked the real experts, friend guys.

I do the efforts a bunch that hacks and also found a couple of that actually worked.

Watch my video below to watch what walk the trick and also got my hair back to normal.

stinky hair hacks

Baking soda.

I never ever would’ve assumed to placed baking soda on mine hair.

It just would never occur to me to use the substance that I usage to remove bad fridge odors and I add to every my small goods.

I created a paste with a tiny water then applied to wet my hair before shampooing.

After one use, i noticed that the odor to be a tiny better.

After the 2nd use, the odor to be almost fully gone. Ns was shocked.

I setup to execute this around once a month or so to acquire a great deep clean.

Turned the heat down.

My hair is normally stick straight and also doesn’t host curl very well.

When styling, I usage the hottest setting because I’ve learned that is just how my hair best styles.

In exchange, I’ve earn a delightful scorched odor. I usage this curling wand (which i love) usually at 450º. While trying all different hacks, I additionally turned my warmth down to 350º which additionally seems to have made a big difference in the smell.

Switched up my hair products.

I rotate between hair products and also brands all the time.

I’m constantly experimentation out new things to view what works for y’all, so i can offer you part solid feedback.

Many the you argued different hair products, however a few I i found it were repeated a ton, so i ran out to Ulta and picked lock up.

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I linked every one of the brand-new products I’m right now using below because this hair cocktail appears to have made a large difference in mine hair odor.