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Bad gasoline can be the cause of a sputtering lawn mower. If her lawn mower refuses to start or is hesitating, there is a very good chance the a bad gasoline might be the error or a poor spark plug. If you have checked to watch that the spark plug is in an excellent working condition the following item to troubleshoot is the state that the gasoline.

Sometimes stagnant petrol that has actually sat in the tank for lengthy periods (especially all with winter) will separate and deposit gasoline at the bottom that the tank.


By doing so, poor combustion fuel floats in ~ the peak of the tank and can uncover its method into the fuel-sensitive carburetor. This will cause clogging the the fuel filters and subsequent bad engine performance.

If gasoline has sat in the fuel tank for a long time, adding fresh gasoline to that is a really bad idea, since the old gas shop break loosened when brand-new gasoline is added.

An vital measure come take an extremely season is to ensure that you drainpipe the gas tank native every atom of gasoline after the last use. Doing this will certainly prevent poor preforming engines next spring and improve the shelve life of the tank.

Follow the procedures outlined listed below to completely drain the lawn mower tank of gasoline after the last use:

Table the Contents

Step 1

Park the lawn mower top top a flat surface after the last usage or alternatively collection it ~ above a collection of saw steeds to allow accessibility to the underside. Please ensure the you stop tipping the lawn mower ~ above it side at all cost.

If girlfriend do, oil have the right to run from the reservoir to other parts that the motor. Likewise apply the parking brakes of the lawn mower to store it stationary.

Step 2

Next, disconnect the spark plug by pulling the spark plug cable from the spark plug cap. This is a preventive measure to stop hazards.

Step 3

If her mower comes through a fuel line that runs native the gas tank to the carburetor then every you need do is set a collecting plastic container in ~ the tank.

Just disconnect the fuel heat from the carburetor and enable the old gasoline drainpipe out into the collecting container.

Step 4

If your mower doesn’t come through a fuel connector, you will have actually to exploit a gasoline siphon to drain out the gasoline.

By put the clear end of the siphon in a jug, inset the brass siphon end into the lawn mower and shake vigorously up, down and sideways.

This vigorous shake action will begin the siphoning process. You have to see the gasoline flow seamlessly native the lawn mower tank come the collecting jug.

Step 5

Repeat step 4, over and over again until most of the gasoline has actually been drainpipe off.

Step 6

Once the siphoning action has removed most of the gasoline, remove the brass finish of the siphon indigenous the tank. No matter how good you space at setup up a appropriate siphon pipe, there will certainly still be petrol residues within.

In this case use rags to soak up any remaining gas from the bottom that the tank.

Step 7

Now, include a tiny fresh gasoline right into the tank to slosh that around. The fresh gasoline will mix-up with any kind of old residue still left in the tank. Drain off this brand-new mixture that both fresh and also old gasoline into a plastic container.

Step 8

Ensure you have totally drained off the old gasoline from the tank. Then enable drying because that a couple of minutes before reattaching the fuel line and spark plug wire.

Check to see that the waiting filters space not clogged. If they space clogged, clean them up or acquisition a replacement.

Step 9

Check likewise that the oil reservoir is full. Climate pull the mower cord come start. Allow it operation in idle setting until the quits. This action is essential to remove left-over gasoline from the carburetor.

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Step 10

Finally, location the mower top top the ground indigenous the supports and refill the tank v fresh clean gasoline. Start up the lawn mower again. You may experience part initial sputtering for a while till the mower burns with the new gas.


Gasoline Draining Tips

Ensure you fill the mower through fresh gasoline before cutting grass in spring