I to be going to show you step-by-step exactly how to disassemble, clean and lubricate a blacksmith & Wesson M&P 9mm Shield and also Shield EZ pistol. Native the field stripping to complete reassembly, this tutorial will permit you just how to quickly and confidently perform this job in 15-20 minutes.

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If you have actually never tried come take under (field strip) your 9mm Shield or Shield EZ, girlfriend will soon see exactly how easy it is to accomplish without also using any kind of tools. The design is terrific so anyone can easily maintain their firearm.

The Shield 9 and Shield EZ are additionally designed to field strip without having to press the trigger. There room some guns, such together Glocks that require the create to it is in pressed throughout disassembly, which has resulted in negligent discharges in the past. If you appropriately unload her gun and dual check it before attempting come disassemble and/or clean it, you will certainly not have any type of issues.

However, pressing the create at any type of time various other than when you are on the range, sighted in, is a violation the the 2nd rule that firearm safety. The dominion is, “Never put your finger on the create until the gun is sighted in on a target and also you are prepared to shoot.” There space 4 rule of Firearm security you have the right to review.

If you have actually never tried to take down (field strip) a semiautomatic gun, remainder easy as it is not hard or complicated. At the very least not the blacksmith & Wesson Shield.

Differences in Disassembly between M&P Shield 9mm models

There are an ext than a dozen various versions that the M&P Shield. The differences are in the attributes that come through the gun. Some have outside safeties, some perform not. The Shield EZ has a fixed safety but the conventional Shield walk not.

Also, there is a Shield 2.0 model, which is what friend will check out in the picture. This more recent version has a larger outside thumb safety bar (if yours has actually an outside safety) 보다 the initial Shield. This go not readjust the disassembly steps.

Most guns come personal in a similar way, however different manufacturers have various ways to relax the slide, and also you should always find a tutorial prior to attempting to remove the on slide from an unfamiliar gun for the very first time.

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Lock the slide to the rear

Pull the slide rearward which will certainly release the Slide stop lever and slowly permit the on slide to move forward and off that the former of the total frame. Carry out not push the grip safety and security while removed the slide.