There room two varieties of "mics" for the playstation 3, and also those mics have various versions as well. Microphones permit you speak or sing into them; the PS3 reads her words and also the video game reacts come them. Microphones are consisted of for gamings such together "Rock Band". Headsets have actually a microphone and also headphones. They allow online players to talk and hear every other. Both microphones and also headsets come wired or wireless, and some headsets have actually Bluetooth modern technology for usage with other electronics. Hooking up two microphones or headsets is possible, but they could not have full functionality. The procedures for hooking up 2 microphones or headsets relies on if the controllers used with them room wireless or wired.

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Turn turn off the PS3 console completely. Plugging the microphones right into the console before transforming it on guarantees the console reads the microphone.

Plug one microphone right into the first USB harbor on the front of the PS3. Wireless microphones have a small USB stick while wired microphones are attached come the USB by a cord. Repeat v the second microphone and also the 2nd USB port.

Plug one headset right into the first USB port of the console. Wireless headsets have actually a USB stick and wired headsets are linked by a cord.

Press the power button on the wireless headset to rotate it on. Wired headsets perform not have actually a strength button. Wait because that the power light to rotate green.

Repeat the measures with the 2nd headset. Push the PS button on the wireless controller to revolve it on.

Plug the wired controller into the very first USB harbor on the adapter. Plug in a 2nd or third controller, if necessary.

Plug the headsets or microphones right into the continuing to be USB ports on the adapter. If much more space is needed, use the critical USB port on the front of the console. Revolve on the headsets, if necessary.

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Wireless Bluetooth headsets without USB connections must be paired through the PS3 before using. Walk to "Manage Bluetooth Devices" indigenous the main menu. Monitor the directions listed to it is registered the headset with the PS3.


The console might not review the microphone if you plug the in when the console is on. If the console walk not check out the microphone, unplug it, wait a few seconds and try again. The PS3 console just supports one headset at a time. You have the right to hear sounds v the headsets, however not talk through others. Only one user account is signed in in ~ one time, making multiple football player using separate headsets top top one console impossible.

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