In compare of fractions having actually the exact same numerator the adhering to rectangular figures having the very same lengths are divided in different parts come show different denominators.

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Shaded section = 3/4

3/10 3/5 > 3/10In the fractions having actually the exact same numerator, that fraction is greater which has actually the smaller sized denominator. 5/11 > 5/17, 5/17 7/16, 7/16

If there are three or more fractions having the very same numerator, they might be i ordered it in ascending (increasing) and also descending (decreasing) order. The order will certainly be in opposite bespeak of denominators. The bigger denominator will certainly make the smaller fraction. (a) Ascending order: 1/9, 1/7, 1/5, 1/4, 1/3

as 9 > 7 > 5 > 4 > 3

(b) diminish order: 5/3, 5/6, 5/9, 5/12, 5/18

as 3

Similarly again; (a) Ascending order: 7/11, 7/9, 7/6, 7/5, 7/2

as 11 > 9 > 6 > 5 > 2

(b) diminish order: 11/1, 11/5, 11/7, 11/10, 11/15

as 1

Ordering of portion and to compare fractions:

We know, a fraction represents an equal part of a entirety thing. (a)


A whole cake = 1 cake

We can also write it together 1/1 which means in half the denominator has actually 1 part and numerator has actually taken the 1 part.

1/1 = 1.




Now the cake has actually been split into two half parts and also one component has to be taken.

We create it together 1/2.

              (frac13)                          (frac14)                         (frac15)                         (frac16)


As the number of the denominator is gaining bigger, the size of the part taken is gaining smaller. 1 > 1/2 > 1/3 > 1/4 > 1/5 > 1/6 …..

When the numerator is 1 in a fraction number, it is called a unit fraction.

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