Skate 3 has actually a much better graphic design and also some update to make the experience feel as real as possible.

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This video game is compatible with Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, and also Xbox One X Enhanced.

To help you continue to be up to day with the changes, i compile this list of exactly how to upper and lower reversal in ice skating 3 through multiple tricks you can pull off to admire your friend.

This article likewise has my own comparison the the 3 versions that Skate and a review for parents so they have the right to understand their son is playing. Keep analysis to find out.

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How come do simple Flips in ice skating 3


Make your character jump together you generally do, and also then grasp one the the root cause so that the character snatches the skateboard, pulling the left stick forward quickly. Timing is really important right here as it have the right to make or break your performance.

Hold the stick till the personality finishes the flip and also see the cool upper and lower reversal you simply do.

Very an easy to follow if girlfriend have currently mastered that we can go to the next flip!


To carry out a backflip, best at when you take off the ground, organize one of the grab buttons and then straight to whereby you want your character to flip.

Again, time is an essential here as you have to be as quick as possible to start yet that is easy for you due to the fact that we all have that gamer high speed reflex.

Don’t worry, new skills constantly take time come master. As soon as you get the cave of it, friend will have actually a solid base to find out harder flipping tricks.


The body flip is where players notice the most significant difference in between Skate 3 and Skate 2 because this is where the brand-new and improved mechanic come in handy.

To execute body flip, first, her character have to snatch the board, after ~ that, that will have the ability to flip.

Firstly, make her character relocate as usual and then rotate the stick on the left to whereby you desire the character to execute the human body flip.

This video game mechanic is really well do i could say!


To perform a finger flip, first you pull turn off an Ollie, and then once the avatar is ~ above the method up, make him or she grab the plank by holding R2, as soon as the character is in midair (don’t let go of the R2), pull off a kickflip.

It’s really hard to pull off but the satisfaction when you execute it is nice good!


This is a cool success that i know countless of you battle to make. Ns think this trick is harder than any kind of of the over so I will make a more detailed overview so that you deserve to follow it and also know precisely what you must do.

This one is also called miracle Whip and also it’s usually doing a body flip while performing a superdude. I personally think this is the coolest move in the game.

To execute the superdude, you push both triggers and also press B, that’s the button on the far right.

The trick right here is that you nothing touch the left thumbstick till you acquire into the air. Then automatically hit both triggers and hit under or up simply follow the exact mix and you will certainly be simply fine.

This is more about the practice to get the timing best so don’t be discouraged if girlfriend don’t make it ~ the first try. Don’t offer up, you will certainly succeed in no time!

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Part 6
Combining flip Tricks
Skate 3’s flip tricks are countless once you have mastered every the basics.

Try combining upper and lower reversal tricks and also you will finish up with many an innovative and cool performances. Right here I will certainly list few of the finest combinations ns have found in the game:

1. Hardflip

Hardflip is a mix of a kickflip and a frontside pop shove-it.

Hardflip is a combination of a kickflip and a frontside popular music shove-it, this trick is rather a challenge for players who desire to test themself. One of the scenarios I can think of currently is the board have the right to go off course and also move upright. Combine tricks is what provides this game so great!

2. Laser Flip

A surname to speak to the motion when you do a heelflip and a frontside 360 shove-it concurrently as cool as the move’s name the laser upper and lower reversal is really satisfied to traction off.

3. Nollie

A nollie is nothing an ext than one Ollie performed backward.

To do this trick, pop the board up using the former foot when the earlier foot level the board off.

4. Nollie 360 Flip

To carry out the Nollie 360 flip, repeat specifically what friend would execute with a 360 flip. The only difference is the board no popped from the tail yet from the nose.

5. Nollie 360 Hardflip

This cheat is a 360 Hardflip but with the board’s nose replaces the tail if doing the trick.

6. Nollie 360 Inward Heelflip

The Nollie 360 Inward Heelflip is similar to the 360 Inward Heelflip. The only difference is that the previous has the nose down instead of the tail.

7. 360 Flip

her skateboard revolves about the x-axis and also at the exact same time, flips approximately the y-axis.

To perform this flip, you begin off a kickflip by kicking the board. Then, you execute a backside 360 shove-it. For this reason basically, the 360 flip is to carry out a kickflip and also a backside 360 shove-it one after ~ another.

8. 360 Hardflip

that is a kickflip and a 360 frontside shove-it excellent at the same time.

9. 360 Inward Heelflip

This one is the mix of a heelflip and a backside 360 shove-it.

10. 360 Shuvit

~ above the toe-side leaf of her skateboard, use your back foot to pop the board to do it a spin. This trick is much the exact same with the shuvit.

11. Double Heelflip

The Heelflip and also the Ollie are the most an easy tricks in ice skating 3 but it’s the foundation for other advanced tricks.

This trick strikes a same to the Ollie, yet exactly as soon as the board is popped, you upper and lower reversal it 360 degrees, to carry out this trick you popular music the board, and also then usage the former foot’s heel to flick the board’s sleep off, wait till the plank completes a one to record it and also land.

12. FS Shuvit

You carry out an FS Shove-it by starting in the means you would with a good Ollie.

You jump and also then usage your foot to carry out the adhering to respectively: press the tail down and also make it spin clockwise or counterclockwise. This trick have the right to be performed either frontside or backside as with other flipping ones.

In the FS Shuvit, the plank is higher above the ground 보다 in its counterpart, so the former trick deserve to be offered while coming throughout an obstacle.

However, the 2 bear a difference.

In the FS Shuvit, the board is higher above the ground than in its counterpart. Therefore the previous trick deserve to be provided while coming throughout an obstacle.

Skate 3 Compares come Previous Versions

I have actually played ice skating 1, ice scating 2, and also Skate 3 for several hours in total. Right here is what I notification about the three versions:

Skate 1

Pros:Skate 1 has a pretty large world.Decent skating mechanics.Cons:Players are restricted to onboard motion only.You don’t have much that a control in the town hall replays.Fewer tricks to compare to other versions.

Skate 2

Pros:The neighborhood multiplayer is cost-free and the single player mode is far better designed in skate 2.Skate 2’s map connect way much better than its skate 3’s counterpart.The map in skate 2 has much more spots and lines to explore than the of ice scating 3.The character deserve to walk around the field without the board.More tricks available than its vault version.Objects’ location have the right to be customized in the method players want.Cons:The off-board movements feel a little awkward.As the character lands, the collision occurs as soon as the board hits the grounds look at glitchy.

Skate 3

Pros:You can style the world your character is in.Skate 3 offers a better “skate feeling” 보다 all various other previous versions. You have to approximate the feet motions of your character to carry out a dual kickflip. In other words, skate 3 allows a real-life feel.Skate 3 has a better trick pool than Skate 2.Skate 3 has far better graphic style than its 2 previous versions.The off-board and onboard mechanics have actually fewer jerks 보다 in skate 1 and also 2.It has three level of challenge so friend have much more chances to difficulty yourself.Cons:Relatively fewer methods to explore.Harder than its 2 previous versions yet the feeling is more real.

What Parents need to Know around Skate 3

A great piece the news for parents is that even though skate 3 is rated Teen, it’s in reality a lot much less violent 보다 other games in the very same category.

While the latter aims at injuring or also killing various other characters, ice scating 3 placed a heavy focus on cooperation and also community. Players will certainly act together a young businessman on his method to set up a underpants company.

However, please note that among Skate 3’s settings reward players fairly a sum based upon the video game character movement.

Parents should also monitor when their kids playing online. While there is no foul language supplied in the game itself, your child might be exposed come it via the open voice communication. The online setting is an ideal for teenagers who want to make friends to show off your skating skills.

A real danger I make the end from this game is that part young football player can try to imitate what their character go in genuine life. This tricks and stunts are designed to be as authentic together possible, for this reason they can give out a emotion that castle are easy to perform.

Here I will certainly share in more details.


The violence level of ice skating 3 is milder than many shooting games yet it doesn’t median it has no potential harm.

The opened scene mirrors a man performing a underpants trick and also has a really poor fall.

Players’ avatars can skate into pedestrians and cause them to fall over. For the first time you do this, either accidentally or willingly, they will let the avatars go. However, the avatars deserve to be “tazed” if this happens also much.

Skate 3 intends at developing an as authentic as feasible experience therefore if the personalities in the game loss over, the or she have the right to have scrapers, bruises, and also falls.

These minor injuries room visible ~ above the avatar and sometimes players have the right to see a tiny blood.

Skate 3 has a mode called “Hall the Meat” the parents should care about.

This setting requires players to impose as countless injuries ~ above the avatar together possible. Players acquire points because that breaking the characters’ bones.


As i share above, open up voice interaction is generally english and also we have actually a room chat for friendly conversation. However, there is an choice to mute various other players.

Sexual Content

There is a joke about a “hot secretary” in the game.

Other than that, the real concern is players can modify the avatar’s clothes. A male character can skate topless, if the woman character might wear a sporting activities bra if the player wants.

They can also put a tattoo on your characters. One tattoo comes in the form of a girl in a bikini.

Spiritual Content

Skate 3’s spiritual contents is limited to a tattoo that images a devil-like figure and a trick referred to as “Christ air”


Here I will certainly list part vulgar instances in the game:

There is a scene v a character picking his nose v a hook.One character claims to another one “Do you require me come bless it with few of my urine?”A few signs in the city check out some insinuations such as one sign states “Master Bait & Tackle”A skateboard has an image of a marijuana leaf and also a logo says “Think Green”.

My Review

I have played several Tony eagle games and also loved them for this reason much. To my good relief, ice scating 3 exceeds mine expectations.

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The emotion it brings is so actual that ns think few games have the right to compare. Ice skating 3 additionally has a higher learning curve than many of the previous gamings I have experienced. If this might discourage countless players, ns think the if friend don’t give up on it also early, what you get is fairly rewarding.

If you have actually mastered part cool tricks and want to share your an abilities with the world, ice skating 3 enables you to record, edit, and also share the video with other players.

For players who wish to compete or cooperate with other players, ice skating 3 has several online settings to support you.

All of this benefits do what ns pay for the money-well-spent. My friends and also I reap the game really much.

The video game is really an ideal for casual players who want to enjoy some cool moves and also playing through friends.

The frame-rate occasionally drops. Because that example, as soon as you room the just character performing ~ above screen, the actions space smooth and also fast. When there space a lot of activities going on, the game can grind or halt.

In mine opinion, skate 3 is a good game and perfect for teens.


Skate 3’s flips space more an overwhelming to pull off than those that the two previous versions. However, don’t be deterred if you don’t succeed in the first try. The harder the is, the more rewarding when you make it.

Skate 3 has several pretty updates and it’s precious the money I spent on it. If friend are among those who room still wonder if you should have Skate 3, review my comparison and also reviews to find out an ext details the the game.

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Don’t forget to shot some the the tricks i share and also if you uncover some more cool flips, remember to let me recognize in the comment section.