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Made the wrong of questioning a dealer right here in FL just how to clean the codes and was told "you don"t ,we do", fine alrighty then.Have a 2000 4900 with DT466e and need to clean the problem codes. Many thanks in advance

clearing codes
hold in on the diagnostic move while turning the ignition switch on, then action down ~ above the throttle pedal five times in ten seconds....this must clear them. To do sure turn the an essential back on and the red engine light need to flash in ~ you three solitary times. This reflects all clear
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Thanks Dom, currently how simple is that ? ^%%^$ dealer could have said me, guess who won"t see my i m really sorry *** ever before again.

yeah........sometime clever arsssesss room not worth even dealing with, we as techs are supposed to be below to aid and no act favor we space gods.......sorry the dealer gave you such a tough time. I job-related at peterbilt in nashville and also if you need anything allow me know....have a good one
I likewise need to clear codes. I have a 2001 4900 v 466E. I have not to be able to obtain this procedure to work-related for me. Is there a various procedure for a 2001? any suggestions? thanks in advance

No, not with a 4900 however if you had a 4300/4400 climate yes. Her dash is a rectangle through squareish gauges? climate the provided procedure will clear any type of INactive codes, if you have energetic (happening right now) codes, they will not be cleared.Later van (4300 types) use a similar but different procedure.
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Yes I have actually the retangle dash with square gauges. I believe I misunderstood active and inactive, perhaps this did clear the inactive codes. Is there a way to clear energetic codes? I know of course as soon as started if the computer finds a problem it will set a code, however should i not have the ability to clear all codes and get the warning engine light the end before starting it up?I have just did an inframe rebuild and also have a 124 and 335 code mirroring up. I thought this perhaps from having the injector wiring harness loosened and cranking engine over the develop up oil pressure prior to attempting to start it.Engine starts and also runs I simply thought ns should be able to clear the warning Engine light.
I never diagnose by codes, leads me to follow phantom problems, however they have the right to be useful CLUES if over there is a problem.I don"t recall DTC 124 however 335 is "ICP listed below desired", that is often caused by a faulty sensor ~ above the HP oil rail or bad connection in ~ the IPR valve (bottom rear of HP oil pump). It can additionally be led to be a worn/corroded B+ wire to the IPR valve, shed fuse holder or simply a weak HPOP or IPR valve (far less typical than any one the the wiring issues).You are technically correct, you room clearing all codes in the ECM making use of your procedure, yet there are apparently two "Active" codes the the computer system has figured out even with the engine off. These are virtually always wiring/sensor or voltage related.
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Hey domniman2002, I have been having trouble to solve my dt466e 2000 rollback. Was pulling a pack up the hill and also after it acquired a little hot (oil/water red irradiate on) the turned the warn eng light on. Reviewed codes it has 333. Global dealer diagnosed and said HPOP and also IPR must be replaced. Adjusted IPR new , HPOP used and also ICP sensor brand-new and quiet the same. O ring in injectors replaced new from IH 6 mos. Ago. No oil in fuel tank. One point I might add is the this overheating happened 1 job after I changed oil and also filter. I used same oil I"ve been using last year (Motorcraft 15w40). Any kind of ideas? gained a shop where they won"t cut off mine arm? U think the oil might"ve obtained "aerated"? (Don"t know what the means, but I"ve viewed it in number of posts) ns am in Madison, TN
wouldn"t be a bit suprised if it doesn"t have injector oring troubles (top ring cracked) allowing ICP come go ago into the crankcase. I worked roughly 4 identical 2000 466e"s v a previous freight customer, 3 of them never had actually as lot as a HPOP or injectors changed, orings changed or noþeles , however the fourth one ate injector orings every 10 come 15 thousand miles - i no longer have hair make the efforts to number that &%**&%*^ing point out. To be at 3 different IH shops, had a cylinder head replaced, number of sets of injectors, HPOP"s, IPR"s and HP sensors and also still popped orings?? great luck through yours - funny come hear certified dealer in TN do the very same as dealers in PA (throw expensive parts at it the didn"t settle it).
I am working on a 1997 4700 dt466e. Is the way to clean old codes the same?I tried the procedure posted by domniman 2002, however i don"t gain the 3 flicker from the red light.This what i obtain now when the diagnostic switch is pushed.the red light blinks once then yellow light 3 time pausethen red blinks double then yellow 3 time pausethen red blinks 3 times then nothingThanksMike
The sequence of flashes the you describe are the sequence because that a reset computer. It way there space no energetic or inactive codes. Run the vehicle and see if warning light come on and review password again.

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quictow, many thanks for the reply.I ran the truck until it died and the code was 143.So I changed the CMP and now it operation good.
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