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All cars/ SUVs I’ve had actually with behind wipers, I just simply lift increase the wiper stalk because that cleaning the rear windshield (just like the front), however somehow ns can’t execute that on the Pacifica. It seems too stiff to lift the I fear I’ll rest something if I put any much more strength to traction it. Is there any type of trick to do it or mine merely not installed properly. I discover it a difficulty to clean the behind windshield in ~ gas stations. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone utilizing Tapatalk
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When I acquired my rear liftgate glass tinted, the man removed the wiper assembly by making use of a wrench and pulled out a bolt or something. It was very quick, ns noticed. So i don"t understand if that needs to be done or if over there is one more simpler means to just lift the for an easy wiping the window. But I know what you median by the quick throw climate the stiffness.
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2018 Gas Pacifica Limited, Jazz blue through Alloy interior8 Seater, Uconnect theater HK sound, Trailer tow package.

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Kind of so late to the party because that this old thread, however I uncovered this info useful also. Over there is a YouTube video as well. Check out 0:55 here.

I just recently replaced mine. It to be dark outside. Ns was not very happy through the power of the new blade. It just spread the water around and did no wipe the glass in ~ all and left a glare and also made many noise together it scraped across the behind window. I went to the store to walk buy one more one the next day. When I was checking out, ns noticed the brand-new blade had actually a strange clean edge come it. Feather closer, i realized the it had a clean protective cover end the yes, really rubber wiper blade. Certain enough, the one I set up the night before still had actually that plastic clean cover ~ above it. (face-palm) as soon as I eliminated that, the blade operated fine. When did they start placing those top top there? They should put some extra huge red letter operated doctor general"s warning on the box when they do that, or a REMOVE before FLIGHT flag on there quite than an innocuous invisble clean cover that completely defeats the effectiveness of the rubber blade. Gosh! I need to be the just one right here who to be thrwarted by the clear wiper tongue cover. Well, at least I have a preventive rear home window blade for following year!
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