for players who desire to continue their fish-catching exploits, below is a fast guide on how to catch the ray in animal Crossing: new Horizons.

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Ray Fishing
for players wanting to continue their fish-catching endeavors, below is a quick guide to aid players discover one the the more elusive fish in Animal Crossing: new Horizons, the ray.

Animal Crossing: brand-new Horizons is regularly praised for giving players a plethora that relaxing and also engaging activities, such as the recent implementation that Dream Islands. Among the numerous things players enjoy doing is catching every one of the available fish to sell or show off in their museum.

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if there are plenty that spots come catch new fish in Animal Crossing, some room still more difficult to discover than others and also require front knowledge for football player to successfully spend their time catching them. The same can be stated of the ray.

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Animal crossing Ocean
The beam is a large shadow-sized fish, so players have to keep the in mind once searching if lock don"t want to waste your time with smaller shadow sizes. It isn"t a need to avoid smaller zero sizes, yet it will be tedious to deal with smaller fish once players need to work about the large numbers of sea bass and also flounder that can pop up. They deserve to be most commonly found near the pier, not including the bridge causing the Animal Crossing airport, and also everywhere else in the ocean bordering the island.

rays are additionally only obtainable for details times and seasonal months in Animal Crossing. Because that players situated in the north hemisphere, light ray are easily accessible from august to November from 4 am to 9 pm. For players life in the southern hemisphere, Rays have the right to only be found from February to may from 4 pm to 9 am.

at the end of the day, that is truly a game of chance once it comes to recording rarer fish in Animal Crossing. Persistence is vital, however with a marketing price of 3,000 bells, this gives players much more of an motivation to record the beneficial fish in Animal Crossing: brand-new Horizons. One more tip because that players not wanting to waste too much time is to craft part fish bait, throw it right into the ocean, and also target the certain large-sized fish the pop up.

Animal Crossing: new Horizons is obtainable now exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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