Breaking glass is constantly loud and it can entice unwanted attention, particularly when you’re locked the end of your home and the only method to acquire in is to break the window.

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Your neighbors might speak to the police and report the a break-in is happening and also you don’t want this.

Another scenario could be that you’re locked in your car and you have to break the car home window to escape but someone could think she stealing the car.

Either way, you’ll desire to break the glass as quietly as possible to avoid anyone indigenous suspecting you’re act something illegal.

Today we’re going to go with some effective methods of break glass without bringing any attention.


How to rest Glass quietly (Using basic Tools)

What You"ll be Needing:

Duct tape
To sheathe glass before breaking
To make a gap between window and frame
Pocket Knife
To pry open window
To break glass
Glass breaker
Specifically designed for impacting glass

Of course, you’re not going to have accessibility to devices all the time, yet if you do have access to some this is just how you have to use them.

Tools such as a hammer, wrench, screwdriver or even a knife can aid you break the glass if it is thin enough to do a hole in it.

1. Duct tape to conserve the Day

Ideally, you might use duct tape to cover the area you want to break since it will protect against the glass from shattering all the means through and also it will make minimal noise once you fight the area through a tool.

If the glass you trying to break is a automobile window, duct ice will additionally prevent shrapnel indigenous spurring anywhere the place and also possibly cutting her hand or even face.

Just sheathe the area you want to hit through a special layer of duct tape, preferably near the handle of the window so you can reach with with your arm to open the home window with your hand and open it.

You should make sure that the feet is wide enough for your hand come fit without emotional the edges because you deserve to easily cut yourself.


2. No Duct Tape? usage a Cloth

If girlfriend don’t have actually duct ice available, you deserve to use her shirt or sweater or any kind of other form of towel to covering the area you desire to hit with a tool.

The cloth will minimization the damages your device will execute on the window and will aid you come break turn off individual pieces of the glass once it has shattered.

You’ll have to hit the window pretty difficult for this technique to work and also just shot not to hit your fingers.


3. Making use of a Screwdriver

You deserve to use a screwdriver and also push the reminder in between the window and the framework to leave a wide enough gap to fit your hand.

The much longer the screwdriver the much more leverage you will do it have and also it’ll be simpler for you to make the gap.

You can also pop the whole home window out that the framework if girlfriend work about the edges simply be mindful that the window doesn’t fall out together it will certainly make noise if it division on the ground.

Of course, friend can also just unscrew the bolts that the home window hinges and also you’ve perfect the job.

USE screwdriver TO break GLASS

4. Utilizing a Knife

If you don"t any kind of tools easily accessible but have a pocket knife at hand you deserve to pry open a home window without breaking it or with minimum damage.

Just use your knife to reduced the rubber roughly the home window and the will reveal a gap in between the glass and the frame and also stick her knife through the gap.

Once you perform this, try to pry open up the window by levering the knife and also you end up through a broad enough room so the you can stick your hand through and also reach because that the handle.

If this doesn’t work, girlfriend should try to break off a item of glass using your knife also by levering it till the home window breaks.

Some types of windows are very thick therefore this method might not occupational on your vehicle window.


Also, don’t try to stab the window with the knife as you have the right to break v it and cut yourself and also make too much noise.


5. Making use of a Spark Plug

If you’re stuck in your car and have a spark plug lie around, or, if you’re stuck external of your car, you have the right to use a spark plug to break the glass.


Spark plugs have actually a sharp point at the finish of them and also this is right for smashing a window of your automobile because the sharp allude is hard enough so the pressure is focused in one area.

Be sure to wrap the spark plug v some sort of cloth before you begin hitting the glass to prevent any type of cuts on your hands.


6. Using a Glass Breaker

The most ideal device you can use to break glass quietly is, the course, a glass breaker since the tool is especially designed for impacting glass.

The sharp diamond point of the glass breaker is fairly hard and it pipeline the glass shattered or it deserve to punch a hole with the glass depending on the type of glass.

For example, utilizing a glass breaker on your home home window will surely rest the glass into big pieces together it is quite thin therefore you could not want to use maximum pressure if you want to break it quietly.


As far as the car window is concerned, you can hit as hard as you want and also the thick glass will certainly crack right into a million different pieces however will not shatter every the means through.

You have the right to then try to push individual pieces out till you’ve made a large enough feet for your hand to with the handle.

If you lucky, the auto alarm won’t walk off.


Have no Tools? No Problem.

If you don’t have any kind of tools easily accessible but friend still must break glass without making too much noise you deserve to opt for a few different methods.

Method #1 – usage your feet

If you’re stuck in your vehicle you can try to pop the car home window out by kicking it with your feet.

Although this method requires a lot of force and also ideally you need to be parked close to a grassy area to minimization the sound the the fallout’s glass it have the right to save her life in a life or death situation.

Also, you can use the same method if you want to gain in the car and also the glass won’t make so lot noise as it will loss on your car seats.

On the various other hand, if you trying to go into your home, try this method by breaking the home window near to a piece of furniture together it i will not ~ make much sound.

Ideally, you must wear shoes together the thick single will have a higher impact.

Method #2 – usage your keys

You can use your tricks to break the glass.

Just choose the biggest key you have, preferably with a sharp allude and shot to use it together a glass breaker.

This an approach can occupational on diluent windows yet can"t help you if you"re attempting to rest a vehicle window.

Of course, plunder a cloth around the an essential and her hand come prevent any type of scratches or cuts.

Method #3 – use lighter

Breaking a glass by heating it might likewise be one option but do understand that this an approach might only job-related with slim glass.

When glass access time a particular temperature which, depending on the type of glass, is over 200F, it can start to crack.

You can shot to use your lighter and also make the glass hot sufficient so it starts to crack and torch lighters work the best.

This an approach can be used when you’re desperate to rest a home window but we imply that you try other methods prior to you try this one.

Also, be cautious with open up flames and shot not to get burned by the lighter together it can gain quite hot real fast.

Conclusion: just how to break Glass Quietly

As you can see there are numerous ways you have the right to break glass without making any type of noise and also you should shot them all and see what works best.

But, if you"re trying to rest the glass when making minimum noise so the you don"t bring negative attention, don"t put your life in danger simply for that reason.

If you’re really in a life or death situation, you do not do it care about making noise while break a window.

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Final think - constantly have a glass breaker v you, even if it is in your auto or even a little key-chain.