The U.S. Naval Corps dress blue uniform is for distinct duty assignments and formal society occasions. Numerous Marines, however, only wear the uniform at unique events, and assembly and attaching procedures may come to be vague between events. Nevertheless, in maintaining with naval Corps high standards, you must wear uniforms according to present regulations. You must know just how to assemble and attach a net belt ~ above the Blue dress "B" (enlisted male) uniform. The procedure is spanned by maritime Corps regulation MCO P1020.34G, dated 31 march 2003 the the Permanent naval Corps Uniform Board.

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Prepare for belt assembly. Friend should have actually a white net belt, a buckle, a buckle "D" clip and also two rectangle-shaped slotted "stay" pieces prepared for assembly. Lay out the belt horizontally top top a flat, soft surface ar with the front side of belt dealing with down.

Place the buckle challenge down top top the best end, through eagle upside down. Location a continue to be piece beside the buckle.

Place a buckle "D" clip and also one stay piece at the left finish of outstretched belt. Friend now have the crucial hardware for each finish of the belt.

Attach the buckle to the belt: Insert the belt indigenous left to right through the buckle connector slot. Slide the buckle to the left about 8 inches. Slide a stay piece down the belt approximately 1 inch from the buckle. Loop the belt end ago through the buckle connector slot come the left. Traction the belt through, however do no pull tight.


connect the buckle "D" clip come belt: Insert the belt end through the buckle "D" clip slot; on slide clip to the right about 8 inches. Slide a stay piece down the belt up to 1 customs from the clip. Loop the belt end back through the clip slot come the right. Pull the belt through, yet do no pull tight. You are currently ready to connect the belt come the uniform coat.

Put top top the coat and also button up. Understand the buckle clip (left side) and also insert inside the coat belt loop on the best side of your waist. Traction the belt v the loop; extend the belt around your earlier and into the coat belt loop on her left side. Pull the buckle clip through the belt loop and fasten it come the tongue ~ above the buckle. Change by placing stay pieces and also pulling v the overfill belt same on both sides because that a snug fit. Once done, adjust the place of the buckle; make certain it is centered with the cloak buttons.

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