If you’re having actually feelings because that someone new in her life, it can be difficult to initiate a date. Instead of worrying about how this might come across, you can select to take it initiative, which most men uncover attractive. Here are 8 ways to ask the end a guy that you barely know:

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1. Save it General


A good way to take it the press off of your request when still mirroring you room interested in who is to store it general. You might say, “I’m really enjoying hanging out v you lately, let’s carry out it again sometime.”

This is a great way to leave points open-ended while expressing interest. It’s most likely that he will certainly respond positively and suggest a couple of time or days the he is free. If you’ve to be seeing him in a continuous capacity such as a study group, he may simply say, “That sound great, I’ll view you here next time!”

You’ll have planted a seed in his mental letting him know that you’re especially interested in acquiring to recognize him better, which will lead to much more conversations and also eventually an intended date!

2. Ask the on a shared Adventure

If you’ve had actually some great conversations and also found some usual points of interest, this are great jumping points because that a first date. People love to find others that share their passions so the they have someone to gain them with.

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If you want a possibility to shortcut over her interests, asking him around something that would be funny for both that you. You have the right to say, “You like sushi? ns love the stuff! but none of mine friends do. Let me understand if you’d ever before like come grab some, it would certainly be good to have a sushi buddy!”

You could also suggest seeing a tape you both like together or going come a comedy show if you both gain a an excellent laugh.

3. Offer to aid Him through Something


Another low-pressure means to connect with a man you’ve just met is to sell him help. This is typical in new friendships and also even skilled relationships, so the won’t come off as as well forward.

You deserve to say, “I understand you stated that a task at work-related is stressing you the end a bit. I’m in reality a trained accountant, so if you’d choose me to take it a watch at your bookkeeping, I’d it is in happy to!”

You can also offer to aid with something more personal, such as moving, cleaning, or loan him other of yours that he may need.

Just make sure not to come to be a doormat. If girlfriend barely understand this guy, he may take benefit of your willingness come help.

4. Ask because that His Number First


Sometimes, questioning someone the end for the first time have the right to be overwhelming, especially if you’re embarrassy or nervous. If this is the situation for you, make it her mission to obtain his number instead of asking him out directly.

Say other like, “Hey, I’ve really appreciated getting to recognize you. Can I get your number? possibly we have the right to chat sometime.”

A pair of days after this interaction, send him a message. Permit him know that you had actually a good time talking and would love to walk on a date if the feels up to it.

An added benefit that this an approach is the it will provide him some time come think v it fairly than being put on the spot. This is especially useful if he has just met you and wants to decision if he’s interested in date in general.

5. Have actually a friend Ask Him for You

If you’re still cynical to ask someone out, get a shared friend involved. You can say something follow me the currently of, “Hey i really favor this guy that i met in ~ the bar critical weekend but he hasn’t asked for my number. Can you text him and also tell him how much fun we had together? let me know what happens!”

If he’s interested, that will most likely respond to the post and collection up a date with you without much trouble. This is also good for shy guys, since all they need to do is pass follow me a message.

However, if not, her friend have the right to let you recognize so that you don’t have to feel embarrassed by gift rejected in prior of them.

6. Invite that to cave Out v Your Friends


If you’ve simply met this guy and you’re out with a team of her friends, one of the ideal ways come ask him out is to invite him along with the crew.

If your group is going elsewhere such as an additional bar or club, merely ask him, “Would you prefer to join us?”.

You can likewise invite him along the following time your group plans top top hanging out. You have the right to say something like, “Hey, I had actually a an excellent time dancing through you and we come here every Thursday. Let me understand if you’d prefer to sign up with us following time.”

You have the right to then sell your call number come him and let him know that he can send girlfriend a message or provide you a contact when he’s comprised his mind.

7. Permit Him recognize Where You’ll Be


Another great way come make sure you attach with a male again is by letting him know where he can discover you. This is especially valuable if you met him at a nightclub, bar, or party.

You deserve to say something prefer “I had an awesome time v you in ~ Salsa night! If you prefer this group, i think you’ll like an additional one I regularly attend. I’ll it is in there following Saturday.”

If he’s interested in seeing much more of you, climate he will likely display up. This is a nice means to do a connection if you don’t feel favor you’re at the phase of exchanging phone number yet. This way, girlfriend can satisfy again there is no needing to ask him for any personal information.

8. Hang the end At the Same ar As Him


You deserve to do the reverse of the vault tip and also show up in ~ a location where he will certainly be at. Probably he said you that he is a consistent at a bar. If you have actually mutual friends, girlfriend can obtain information around where that hangs out and then go there on her own.

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You can feel a small awkward draw close him, however if girlfriend have great conversation skills, it should be basic to start up part polite small talk. This allows you to gain to chat with each other a few times naturally prior to you questioning the big question.